Healthy Mummy nutritionist reveals how to get rid of cellulite!

If you suffer from cellulite, you’re not alone. Our Healthy Mummy nutritionist Asha O'Brien-Grudzinskas was on hand to talk more about it…
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Dreaded cellulite… it’s extremely common and also harmless but it can be very unflattering.

In fact, because it causes your skin to look lumpy around the thighs, hips, bottom and stomach, it’s often referred to as orange peel skin, cottage cheese thighs or hail damage.

If you suffer from cellulite, you’re not alone. Over 80-90% of women have it or have had it.

Thankfully, our Healthy Mummy nutritionist Asha O’Brien-Grudzinskas was on hand to talk more about it…

Healthy Mummy nutritionist reveals how to get rid of cellulite!

Healthy Mummy nutritionist Asha reveals how to banish cellulite

It seems that when women are pregnant or edge closer to menopause, cellulite appears more noticeable, which suggests that hormonal factors are at play but the causes of cellulite aren’t completely understood.

“The cause of cellulite is unknown. It mostly comes down to genetics, hormonal changes and body fat percentage,” explains Asha.

Hormones impact the amount of fat we store and the quality of our skin.

But lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, having a poor diet and not exercising enough may also play a part. Medical experts agree that it is formed after a muscle breaks or is stretched and pulled down causing fat cells to push up and give that blotchy bumpy complexion under your skin.

Healthy Mummy nutritionist reveals how to get rid of cellulite!

Foods to eat to reduce cellulite

Asha says there are some foods you can eat to reduce the appearance of your bumpy skin. These include:

-Organic meats


-Tempeh and protein powder

“High in protein so will promote muscle growth, which can sometimes smooth out the appearance of cellulite,” says Asha.

“The more muscle someone has the higher BMR they have, meaning they have a faster metabolism and burn fat quicker.”

“What’s more, oily fish such as mackerel or salmon, avocado and flaxseed meal/oil contain Essential Fatty Acids which help to keep the skin healthy, strong, stretchy and soft.”

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Other helpful foods are:

• Ginger, which is a strong circulatory stimulant.

“It strengthens the flow of blood and lymph around the body which may improve the appearance of cellulite.”

• Strawberries, blueberries, lemon, orange, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, capsicum and broccoli: high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Needed for the production of collagen which helps keep skin smooth.

• Chamomile tea: relaxing and nourishing to the adrenal glands.

“This helps to regulate the production of cortisol and adrenaline. When we experience chronic stress, our bodies are more likely to hold onto fat.”

Food to avoid

When it comes to food to avoid, Asha says there are some we definitely should cut out in order to get rid of cellulite.

Things to avoid:

• Refined carbs: white flours, white pasta, white rice, sugar, baked goods etc
• Alcohol
• Deep fried food
• Soft drinks and energy drinks

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Anna Smith – results after 9 days using Body Sculpting Lotion


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