Real Mum Stories: “My life as I knew it, in that second changed”, Sarah talks about dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis

Healthy Mummy Sarah Cryers life was turned upside down by four words, 'you have breast cancer'. Here she talks about embarking on this health battle.
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“Hey I’m Sarah, a 36 year old wife, mum of 3, dog owner, Private Hearing Aid Dispenser, Healthy Mummy, and now a Breast Cancer warrior!”

Healthy Mummy Sarah talks about how her life got turned upside down by four words: ‘You have breast cancer ‘.

Just over a week ago my world, in a heartbeat, was turned upside down!  I sat in the surgeon’s office and heard the words ‘your biopsy results are back and we are sorry to say you have breast cancer.’ My life as I knew it, in that second changed.
There was no panic, no fear, minimal tears. I felt nothing but emptiness, a detachment from what was going on around me.
Covid has put a stop to you taking someone to appointments with you. Thankfully for this appointment, Adam (my hubby), had been allowed to attend. We left the appointment quite possibly with more questions than answers despite being given so much information. This would take a lot of processing!”

Ready for a battle

“After a week of confiding in family and friends, I decided the only way to get through this, was to accept what was going to happen. I knew chemo, surgery and radiation would take their toll on my body and mind, but I’m ready to battle on and not lose my lust for life!
Early detection is key to survival, so I decided to share my ‘no-lump’ breast cancer on social media, partly for awareness and partly because it is something that right now I can control. The response has been overwhelming and it has given me even more strength to power through this journey!”

This is what’s turned our world upside down!
“As a healthy 36 year old mum of 3, I never expected to hear the words ‘you have breast cancer’ yet here we are ready to battle through and take the sh*t that comes with it.
The messages and calls mean more than you will ever know… I have such an amazing tribe that will get my family and myself through this!”

Spreading Awareness

“I’m sharing this only to help spread awareness… breast cancer does not present itself ONLY as lumps; know your body… get to know your boobs, get to know your partner’s boobs… be aware of ANY changes! YOU know what feels and looks normal or not so normal, act on it; it could save your life!”
“Even if this helps only one other person early detection saves lives!”

“Throughout my Healthy Mummy journey in the last 4 years I have found the support and encouragement has provided me with so much motivation to succeed, it has helped me overcome so many obstacles and without a doubt will help me fight this battle!” I hope these breast cancer diagnosis stories will help and motivate you!

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