How Chelsea Dixon maintained her 62kg

It's hard to believe Chelsea Dixon once weighed 130kg, lived on deep-fried food and had zero interest in exercising.
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It’s hard to believe five years ago Chelsea Dixon weighed 130kg, lived on deep-fried food and had zero interest in exercising.

Today she is almost half her original body weight, is smashing her fitness goals, running marathons and living her healthiest life.

This amazing mum shared her story in The Healthy Mummy magazine in the first year of her journey but has gone on to get fitter, stronger and leaner and is one happy and Healthy Mummy five years later!

How Chelsea was able to lose the weight and drop down so many sizes

In fact, Chelsea says she had been so focused on making sure her family stayed healthy and happy that she neglected her own health and when the scales confirmed she’d reached 103kg, that’s when she says she needed to make some big changes.

“I started slowly, increasing my exercise and making small changes to my diet when I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge she says.

This is all thanks to The Healthy Mummy teaching me about fuelling my body the right way with daily meal plans and workouts.

“Teaching me that you need to eat to lose weight,  and teaching me I can still have so many yummy foods and still lose weight was a new concept to me, and it was amazing for myself and my family.

Chelsea uses The Healthy Mummy app for her meal plans, recipes and shopping list and tracks her food, water and exercise in the app to stay accountable.

“I love the app as you can see how you’re going each day, week or whenever and that really does keep you motived, but the huge motivation for me was feeling the genuine support and kindness from the real mums in the online community, which was the huge the game changer!”

Chelsea shares her meal plan and how she lost 62kg HERE!

Chelsea’s shares her 5 year journey with The Healthy Mummy

Chelsea shares an update of her five year journey with The Healthy Mummy and how she has maintained her amazing 60kg weight loss.

My Yearly Reflection from 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024

“2019 I made a choice to take a chance & make a change which truely was the best thing I have ever done… I didn’t have high expectations I knew it wouldn’t be easy I brought myself some scales and took my starting pics & tried…

“What a five years it has been, from scrolling through Facebook not recognising myself, to becoming a Platinum Healthy Mummy member, having a smoothie for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner & Dessert starting at 2300 calories a day – to losing 4kgs in my 1st month and smashing a 60kg weight loss in just 14 months…. (AND MAINTAINING IT FOR 5 YEARS!)

“But the weight loss wasn’t the hardest part it was maintaining and accepting my reflection, being able to look at myself, have a picture taken without a filter and not even look when people take pictures of me because I am so happy within my skin, with a lot of help from The Healthy mummy helping me grow…

I did this for myself but also so I could be the best mother possible to my 4 amazing children…

I can go on holidays

Shop online and not worry about trying it on

I can try on a pair of sneakers and breathe

I can do anything I set my mind to

I wear all the colours, and free my knees – It’s such a rewarding feeling and a huge part of self-growth

I have worn a bikini 

I have run 4 ultra Marathons of 50km, a marathon, a few half Marathons & a couple of the 10k too which are super fun,

I now attend a gym since my overuse injury and absolutely love it

Progress comes in all different ways but I’d say my biggest victory from these images is my posture… ( and we think her happy beautiful SMILE!)

My biggest hurdle after weight loss was self-appreciation accepting my reflection & loving the skin your in…

Weight loss is hard, Maintaining Weight loss is hard, but doing your best each & every single day is one step closer to where you want to be…

Bring on this next year I don’t have any big goals just living Life, doing my best and incorporating all food groups through the Healthy Mummy app.

Find out more about Chelsea’s story here or join her below…

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