Chelsea shares her meal plan and how she lost 62kg

Chelsea credits meal planning and prepping on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for her fantastic success in dropping kilos.
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We are so impressed with Chelsea Dixon’s incredible transformation. She’s lost 62kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has maintained her weight loss for 5 years and just got stronger and fitter along the way.

This mum-of-four, who is based in the Sunshine Coast, credits meal planning and prepping for her fantastic success in dropping kilos and her healthy lifestyle.

Chelsea explains her meal plan and why she chooses certain recipes that work for her

There are HEAPS of meal plans on The Healthy Mummy app and Chelsea chooses the higher calorie or pantry basics meal plans. Her target number of calories is 1823 a day to keep up with family and work.

“I pick between the meal plans I have that have my faves and hit my target calories.”

NEW TO APP: Chelsea shares her meal plan and how she lost 62kg


For Breakfast, Chelsea has a Healthy Mummy Tummy smoothie. 

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie using the Tummy range,” she says.

“I love the smoothies as they are quick, filling and convenient for us busy mums, as you can take them anywhere.”


When it comes to lunch, Chelsea likes to have a Cheesy Vegie Bake or Cheesy Taco Pasta.

“I also love the Healthy Mummy Burgers as I try to have my bigger meals at lunch, so I’ve got enough energy to keep up with the afternoon activities for the kids,” she says.


Chelsea’s family love lots of The Healthy Mummy app recipes but my family favourite recipes are One Pot Spaghetti, Mexican Lasagne, Mexican Chicken and Salad as well as Chicken rissoles and veggies (chicken mince is a great budget option to beef mince).

“We love having these faves for dinner as it makes meal times so easy (when everyone eats the same thing!) and it’s so simple to bulk prep all of these meals to have them ready to go,” says Chelsea.


Top snacks for Chelsea are the Chocolate Lava Microwave cake as well as the Dark chocolate & strawberry parfait.

I have a sweet tooth so I love all the Mug Cakes my fave is the Lava Cake, Choc Peanut Butter Cake, Chocolate & Strawberry Parfait, Stewed Apples and Sweet Potato Muffins,” she says.

“These are easy to prep or take only a few minutes to make and are worth the wait to hit the spot of my sweet tooth.”

You can find ALL of these recipes on The Healthy Mummy app

Chelsea Dixon has lost 62kg and is now running marathons with fellow Healthy Mummy Hannah Pech


“I use The Healthy Mummy app workout 2-3 days a week including the Tabata express, Boxing & Take 10 workouts,” she says.

“These are all my favourites especially when time poor or just need something quick or break them up throughout the day.”  

There are even 10minute workouts to get you moving and burning calories when you are super busy, check out the 10 minute workouts from the app.

Amazingly, this meal plan is what helped Chelsea lose 62kg in 14 months and maintain her weight loss for four years, you are truly inspirational!

See here to find out how to customise to different Meal Plans in the Healthy Mummy App

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