Tanya has lost 43kg with The Healthy Mummy

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Tanya has been with The Healthy Mummy for over 6 years and is proud to share her 43kg weight loss story to help motivate other mums.

Tanya tells The Healthy Mummy, “I started with The Healthy Mummy in November 1st 2021 after a traumatic birth with my youngest son and 5 operations leaving me unable to move around! It was the reflection time l needed to start to make healthier options for myself and my family.

I have continued to exercise every single day since it has given me the mental resilience to back myself and to focus on me no matter what hurdle l am jumping over and honestly, there have been so many. I see this as a journey not a destination where each day l have continued to learn more about myself both mind and body!

The Healthy Mummy app

I absolutely love the Healthy Mummy app with the exercises, recipes, barcode scanner and water intake calculator. I use it every day!

My journey with The Healthy Mummy has been transformative. Engaging with the Facebook community and participating in challenges helped and motivated me to lose 20 kilograms. I was dedicated and wanted to see a positive change.

The Healthy Mummy app is now an integral part of my daily routine, reminding me that this journey is ongoing, not a destination.

It has been a long journey 6 years. Never give up. Keep showing up setting goals and smash them. Find what works for you and keep going. I finally found what works and starting to lose weight and be toned now. Do what you enjoy and you will show up more for it.

Tanya’s day on a plate

Breakfast: A Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Snacks: Tanya loves fruit, The Healthy Mummy Choc Berry bars, yoghurt, biscuits with cheese or dips, healthy cookies (secret centre chocolate cookies), and chocolate pretzel snacks.

Lunch and dinner: For lunch and dinner Tanya says she always tries to have lots of vegetables with a side of meat (lots of chicken & beef)

My favourite recipes are chicken stir-fry’s. I love The Healthy Mummy honey chicken with stirfry vegetables a winner with the kids, and curried sausages (this works well as my boys can have the sausages plain to suit everyone).

I do try and cook meals to save money so if l have any leftover food in the pantry/fridge the recipes allow you to substitute things with what you have to also help your food budget. It also helps with leftovers for the next day! 

Happier and healthier thanks to The Healthy Mummy

I joined to lose weight after having my daughter. It’s empowered me. I am healthy, fit and able to keep up with my kids. It has been a life-changing experience,  I have learned so much about exercise and food.

This experience goes beyond the physical; it’s about newfound confidence and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

We went from always cooking premade sauces from cans/jars, to cooking food from scratch with fresh ingredients. We embraced the change and have never looked back! Our family is so much happier and healthier and our kids have been brought up with healthy food and a healthy mindset.

I am forever grateful for coming across The Healthy Mummy and blessed by all the positive effects it has had on us.

If Tanya has inspired you to start your weight loss journey find out more details below on how you can join today.

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