Mums thyroid, cholesterol and IBS all now under control after losing 17 kilos with The Healthy Mummy

Tanya has embraced The Healthy Mummy lifestyle and not only lost 17 kilos, but her health issues are also under control and she is so much happier.
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For so many mums, 2020 has been a particularly challenging year! Dealing with a global pandemic has meant many different struggles, financial, mental and or physical.

For mum Tania, she decided this year would be HER year, a year she was allowed to kick back and put herself first. A year she would finally embrace The Healthy Mummy lifestyle.

Not only has Tania lost 17 kilos, but her IBS, thyroid and cholesterol are also all under control and she is now happier than she’s been in a long time.

“I have found “pre mummy” me. I allow myself time to do things for ME! I work out, I take pride in the role model I have become for my girls.”

Tania tells her story below…

Tania’s Story

“My name is Tania , I am a 37 year old wife, and mum to two beautiful girls aged 9 and 5 year olds.”

“My story is one that I am sure you have heard a lot of before. I’ve been a Healthy Mummy member for a few years but never really committed to it or to me.

At the beginning of 2020, I was at my lowest, I never played with my children outside, I was embarrassed to be in family photos and my health and energy levels were at their worst! For the first time I had high cholesterol, my thyroid levels were all over, I had lost control of my IBS and felt super anxious about it all. Throw in a little COVID stress and that makes for a less than ideal lifestyle!”

Making the Change

“In February 2020 I went on holidays with my amazing family and I was sick of sitting on the sidelines because I was allowing myself to. That weekend changed my life forever. When I got back home, I weighed in (at 89kg) and I found an amazing Healthy Mummy coach and mentor! I joined her local page and committed. I didn’t go easy, I went all in! And have never looked back.”

Using Smoothies

“I committed to having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning (sometimes at lunch as well). I always missed breakfasts before and set myself up to fail for the day!  I love the vanilla flavour as it’s so versatile but I am a bit of a coffee queen and the new premium espresso has got to be my absolute favourite.”

Workouts from The Healthy Mummy App

I fitted a workout daily from The Healthy Mummy app, this was so handy and I threw away all my excuses (the biggest being “I don’t have time”) I MADE TIME! While the dinner was cooking, while the kids played, before work, after work,  it really didn’t matter, all that counted was that I got it done and did not miss a day!

I love all the app workouts and how easy and comfortable they are to follow. Wendy is an absolute God in my eyes.  I have to say by far FIT programs got me going and are still my go-to when I feel sluggish!”

Regaining Confidence

“The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge gave me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone,  and I started running, and now LOVE the peace it gives me … I run all the time and can conquer 11+km a time! Huge considering a few months ago I was not even keen on going to the park!”

Favourite Healthy Mummy Meals

“I follow the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plans, and not only does my entire family love everything I make, I feel on top of the world knowing my tribe is eating only the best.

Our favourites have got to be theStove top Lasagne (pictured) beef rendang, and green chicken curry!” 


Tania’s Day

“So my day is pretty much guided by The Healthy Mummy.” and you can also try this delicious Indian curry recipe!

Breakfast: Healthy Mummy Smoothie
Snack: Fruit snack
Lunch: Healthy  Mummy Smoothie/ wrap/salad
Afternoon snack: Always a Healthy Mummy snack (My favourite is the chocolate coconut brownie)
Dinner: Healthy Mummy app meal!
Dessert: Always an app treat (if you haven’t tried the chocolate mug cake it’s a must)

Healthy Mummy Results

“I have found “pre mummy” me”

“What have I gained from all this: not only do I weigh in 17kg lighter (now 72kg), I have learnt a new and sustainable healthy lifestyle. I am happier than I have been in so long, I have found “pre mummy” me. I allow myself time to do things for ME! I work out, I take pride in the role model I have become for my girls.”

“The Healthy Mummy is not just for me, but is loved and shared by my entire family! We workout together, we play together and we live well together.”

Health issues ‘under control’

“My body is thankful for the new energy, my thyroid, cholesterol and IBS now all under control! I share my love for the Healthy Mummy with anyone who will listen and feel that this has had already had an impact on some of the beautiful woman in my life.”

Tania’s Tips for success:

  • Plan ahead for the week! This not only gives you less chance to fail but also you will save a bucket load and less food waste
  • Find a group of strong like-minded woman and lean on each other for support… The Healthy Mummy has afforded me my girl tribe that I am forever thankful for.
  • Put yourself first sometimes – it’s ok! Make time! I always remember 30 minutes of working out a day is 2% of your total day! YOU CAN DO IT!

AMAZING Tania!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You’re an inspiration!

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