Top 5 foods to include in a detox

Starting your detox? These 5 foods are going to be your survival kit. From something we all have in our pantry, you too can easily jump on the bandwagon.
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In order to support the body’s innate detox processes, we need to give in to all clean foods to support, not hinder, these vital pathways.

Certain foods provide even more liver-loving- toxin-ridding benefits and we’re here to list them for you!

Here are the top 5 foods to include in a detox…

Top 5 foods to include in a detox

1. Green leafy vegetables

Bring on the spinach, the kale, broccoli, rocket and all those other yummy greens!


These veggies provide so many key nutrients to support the detox process of breaking down toxins, especially heavy metals and pesticides. Also, herbs like parsley and coriander will bind to the bad guys and help you clear your body of toxic junk.

Or you could add our Energy Boosting Super Greens to your next smoothie to get that extra boost of green goodness.

2. Fibre

The last stage of detox is eliminating the unnecessary toxins. Fibre encourages this elimination process by ensuring regularity, so increase the whole grains, legumes and beans. Flax and chia seeds are a great addition here too!

Try these Stuffed pears filled with protein and chia seeds!

3. Organic protein sources


Protein is needed to make enzymes to break down our foods to liberate the nutrients needed for detox processes.

If possible, go organic with your meat, eggs, and legumes, nuts and seeds to ensure you’re not adding to the toxin load in your body with added pesticides.

4. Beetroot

Raw, roasted, juiced or freshly cooked, this root vegetable is super cleansing and a must have for a detox. Grate with carrot and combine with some lime or lemon juice and fresh mint for a cleansing slaw to serve with your main meals.

beetroot slaw

It supports phase II liver detoxification, which is when the bad toxins are removed from the body.

5. Garlic

Why Munching Raw Garlic, Leeks & Onions Could Improve Sleep & Stress Levels

Garlic’s sulphur-based compounds support the liver’s detoxification processes. Fresh is always best, especially if you can use it within 10 minutes of chopping.

Sticking to the golden rule of clean eating with an emphasis on the above foods will ensure your detox is healthy and nurturing.

Want to stop any sugar cravings during the detoxification process? Try this mum’s tips.

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