Trying your best to not give up? Here’s how to find the motivation to achieve your goals

Pyschologist Shara Smith gives her top tips for not only finding the motivation but sticking to it so you can smash your weight loss goals.
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Trying your best not to give up?

It’s not that you haven’t tried, it just seems hard to stick to the process of achieving your goals and you’ve often found yourself giving up after two weeks.

If this sounds like all too familiar for you, take note of these tips for success.

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Find motivation to reach your weight loss goals

Problem: Unrealistic goals

We’re encouraged to ‘dream big’ or ‘reach for the stars’ but in reality, when we set goals that seem unachievable we end up losing motivation to reach them and get discouraged by inevitable failures.

If your goal is to lose weight, being unrealistic about how to go about it can be a real set back to losing any weight at all.

Solution: Set incremental goals

An effective way to achieve seemingly unrealistic goals may be by setting incremental goals.

So say your goal is to lose a lot of weight, instead of saying “I’m going to lose about 50 kgs this year” try to break it up into smaller targets over a shorter period of time. So losing a mammoth 50kgs now becomes:

  • Approximately 12.5 kgs over 3 months or,
  • About 4 kgs every month or,
  • Around 1kg per week!

Now that’s achievable! Each incremental goal you achieve will give you the motivation and drive to achieve the next goal. Take it week-by-week or month-by-month, and you’ll be more likely to hold out till you reach your goal.

Problem: Focus fatigue

So you have your goal of losing 50 kgs, you concentrate on working out and staying on track with healthy eating. After a couple of weeks, you find it’s becoming more of a challenge, with the stresses of life, to stick to the process of achieving your goal and you’re losing motivation.

This is what I term as ‘focus fatigue’- when it becomes harder to achieve your goal as you lose motivation and focus. Focus fatigue happens when you lose perspective of overall wellbeing.

Being out of balance doesn’t bode well with goal achievement. In fact, it ensures you burn out quickly and spiral back into old destructive habits.

Solution: Focus on fun

Try to set other goals that encourage you to stay on track but create a new sense of motivation. Instead of choosing an activity with the continued goal of, for example, losing weight in mind, try instead to create a goal that makes you happy.

So instead of reluctantly or half-heartedly going to the gym or working out at home, get a group of friends together for a group walk or dance class.

Try something you’ve never thought of before, like pole dancing or rock climbing. Whatever it is, the goal is to inject fun into your day. It’ll make goal achieving less of a focus, which will reboot your motivation to get you back on track.

Problem: You’ve failed

People get discouraged by failure; they give up because they are either too afraid to try again or because they listen to that destructive voice in their mind that puts them down.

Either way it’s fear of failure, not failure itself, which stops many of us from achieving our potential.

Solution: Fail to succeed

Failure is how we learn. From our earliest time learning how to eat, walk and talk, we learn through trial and error. This is the advice we give our children as they grow and this is the advice we need to take on board.

So you haven’t worked out in a while or you didn’t eat the healthiest food this past week. Look at why you didn’t stay on track, register and acknowledge your triggers and move on, doing your best to avoid them.

Instead of dwelling on your failures, accept them and move on.

Problem: You see no progress

Does it feel like you’re putting in all the work but you aren’t seeing any progress? This can discourage anyone because it’s easy to forget that success isn’t instant.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t lose all your weight within two weeks. It’s at this point a lot of people simply give up.

Solution: Take note of what you have achieved

Instead of focusing on the results you can’t see try to appreciate what progress you have made. Have you managed to change your diet? Have you increased your physical activity? Do you find your willpower is stronger when saying no to the unhealthy treats?

All these small achievements add up to your end goal. You just need to appreciate them.

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