What to expect after a C-Section from a mum who’s had three.

Healthy Mummy mum and Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley delivered her 3rd baby by Caesarean (C-section) recently. Congratulations Sascha!

She shares her valuable thoughts and advice in the hope that it will help other mums who might be facing a planned or unplanned C-section in the near future.

Sascha says, “My hubby took this photo a few weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t had the words. In some way the image speaks for itself – I want to empower C-Section mums. I’ve had 3 babies and 3 C-sections. I did labour with Hudson but that ended with emergency surgery.

My message is:

  1. Labour doesn’t make you a mother.
  2. C-Sections are not the easy way out.
  3. Birth by definition is; The emergence of a new individual from the body of its parent. It doesn’t specify how the individual is born. I strongly believe we still give birth.  
  4. Be proud of your body and your scar. Be proud of your choices. You are a warrior.”

There is no doubt that having your baby delivered surgically through your abdomen vs naturally through your vagina has a different impact on your body and mind postpartum.

Sascha sheds light on her experience and reminds mums that whatever route you take you still birthed a child. And that’s a BIG deal!

C-Sections on the rise

The rate of C-sections in Australia has risen dramatically over the last 10 years – in 2017 it was at 33%.

According to maternity health experts, high rates can be attributed mainly to increasing maternal age, increased numbers of multiple births, and higher rates of obesity among women.

For the majority of mums, C-Sections are not their preferred choice of delivery but are simply the safest option for themselves and their baby.


Three babies by C-Section

Sascha says “I’ve had 3 babies.

I’ve had 3 C-Sections.

I laboured with my first which resulted in an emergency C-Section then my second 2 were planned”.

Sascha shares her thoughts below, hoping that it will help others who are having their first C-Section or might have had several.

She says “I strongly believe it’s still giving birth and we should be proud of our bodies and scars”.

Sascha’s advice and thoughts on C-Sections

1. You have not taken the easy way out!

2. You’ll still get afterbirth pains.

3. You will still bleed for around 6 weeks.

4. It’s true, the quicker you get up and moving the faster you recover, just go slow.

5. Your scar will probably be so low it’s covered by your undies/swimmers! The scars aren’t what they used to be!.

6. Prepare yourself for the first bowel movement after surgery!.

7. Need to cough, sneeze or laugh? Grab a pillow and hold it tight to your stomach, it helps with the pain.

8. It might not feel like it but you get more movement and less pain day by day.

9. Skin to skin is extra important and helps with bonding!.

10. Get some sort of belly support for recovery.

11. You’ll realize that you use your core for everything!.

12. Always say yes to pain relief.

13. You’ll need the highest waited undies you can find or depend real fit underwear!.

14. You will feel hopeless and frustrated during those first few days, don’t forget you’re amazing and it’s temporary.

15. Accept ALL the help that’s offered.

16. Don’t leave the hospital too soon, stay that extra night.

17. Buy lots of nighties/dresses so you don’t have any seams or pant lines along your wound!.

18. Learn the correct way to get out of bed, it helps with pain and recovery.

19. Don’t wait to start your pelvic floor exercises!.

20. TALK! About how you’re feeling.

21. Cry. You’ll want to cry for no reasons and all the reasons. It’s normal. Let it out.

22. Don’t feel like you have to stay home for 6 weeks – get someone to drive you to the beach or a cafe and be outdoors.

23. Partners need rest too, take turns.

24. Most important thing is to remember you still gave birth! Doesn’t matter what way you do it… healthy and safe mum and bub is the most important thing!”

On that last point, The Healthy Mummy team couldn’t agree more with you Sascha.

Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts, advice and experience with us. And most of all congratulations on your new baby!

Getting healthy after a C-Section.

Sascha has been an advocate of The Healthy Mummy program and lost 30kg in two years by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Smoothies and then went on to have a very healthy pregnancy with her third child. Read her healthy pregnancy story here.

Today Sascha is taking one day at a time in her recovery. She says “I’m only 2 weeks postpartum, but a little motivation goes a long way.”


“I’m focusing on how I feel and I was feeling like the food I was eating = cr*p!

So, I am taking it slow. Day by day. Enjoying it. Nothing drastic. Just a lot of Healthy Mummy meals and Healthy Mummy Smoothies and a bit of consistency.

Stay tuned! These will fit again.”

We agree with you, Sascha. Be kind to yourself and take it slow. We know you will get there too!

Whatever way your baby comes into the world the gift of having a healthy baby in your arms is all that matters.

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written by:

Jill Brandenburg

Jill is a design junkie and lifestyle writer from Brisbane. Now living in San Francisco, when she is not begging the school mums to try her vegemite sandwiches she is busy creating interior schemes and animations.