Women reveal they have BETTER SEX with their husbands

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It official, one-night stands are overrated!

A new study has found that women claim to have steamier sex sessions with their husbands than random hook-ups.

Women reveal they have BETTER SEX with their husbands than casual flings

Women have better sex with their husbands than casual flings

More than a thousand women aged between 18 to 71 were asked about their sex lives by researchers at Florida University.

According to stats obtained by The Sun, women who were in long-term relationships had 15% more orgasms on average.

Participants also reported their sexual satisfaction as 10% higher than those who weren’t in long term relationships.

Women reveal they have BETTER SEX with their husbands than casual flings

Scientists believe that women prefer to have sex with someone they love and find it much more enjoyable.

Lead scientists Val Wongsomboon said in the Journal of Sex Research: “On average, women experienced greater sexual outcomes in committed sex compared to casual sex.”

Psychotherapist Phillip Hodson says he believes sexual gratification goes much deeper than just the physical side of it for most women.

“Possible explanations are women need more sophisticated touching than just standard intercourse to reach climax,” he said.

“And they have more to lose from insecure relationships should they become pregnant.”

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