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If you’re a Marvel fan you’re going to love these superhero baby names

Don’t let the title deter you!

In no way are we suggesting you name your baby Catwoman or Deadpool (unless you’re into that), the birth name of these alter egos of these superheroes are actually SUPER cute.

From Logan to Ivy, these 50 superhero names, listed by Popsugar will convert you to love anything Marvel, comic books or simply adorable names.



  1. Bishop (Lucas, Bishop, X-Men)
  2. Braddock (Psylocke, X-Men)
  3. Bruce (Batman)
  4. Cain (Batgirl)
  5. Charles (Professor X, X-Men)
  6. Clark (Superman)
  7. Grayson (Robin, Batman)
  8. Hank (Ant-Man)
  9. Jordan (The Green Lantern)
  10. Kal (Superman)
  11. Kent (Superman)
  12. Kyle (Catwoman)
  13. Logan (Wolverine, X-Men)
  14. Max (Magneto, X-Men)
  15. Norrin (Silver Surfer)
  16. Oliver (The Green Arrow)
  17. Parker (Spider-Man)
  18. Peter (Spider-Man)
  19. Reed (Mr. Fantastic)
  20. Steve (Captain America)
  21. Tony (Iron Man)
  22. Wade (Deadpool)
  23. Walker (Black Scorpion)
  24. Wayne (Batman)
  25. Xavier (Professor X, X-Men)



  1. Aurora (X-Men)
  2. Barbara (Batgirl)
  3. Britt (Green Hornet)
  4. Cassandra (Batgirl)
  5. Darcy (Black Scorpion)
  6. Diana (Wonder Woman)
  7. Elektra (Daredevil)
  8. Grey (Jean Grey, X-Men)
  9. Harley (Suicide Squad)
  10. Ivy (Poison Ivy)
  11. Jaime (Bionic Woman)
  12. Jane (MJ Watson, Spiderman)
  13. Jean (Jean Grey, X-Men)
  14. Jessica (Spider-Woman)
  15. Jubilee (X-Men)
  16. Kara (Supergirl)
  17. Lorna (Polaris, X-Men)
  18. Marie (Rogue, X-Men)
  19. Natasha (Black Widow)
  20. Raven (Mystique, X-Men)
  21. Remy (Gambit, X-Men)
  22. Scarlet (Scarlet Witch)
  23. Selina (Catwoman)
  24. Storm (X-Men)
  25. Summer (Cyclops, X-Men)

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