REJECTED! 15 odd baby names that were dismissed for being TOO out there!

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Many parents like to opt for a baby name that is different or unique – but then some take things a bit further…

Kim and Kanye West have kids called North, Saint and Chicago while Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter Apple.

But it seems some mums and dads have tried their luck with monikers that are even more ridiculous than these celebrity ones. So much so, they were been rejected by the birth registry body in that country.

Check out 15 of these odd baby names that were submitted and then dismissed. Thank goodness!

TThis is what your baby sees when they look at you

15 odd baby names that were rejected for being TOO out there

1. Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii

A couple in New Zealand gave their daughter this name but in 2008 a judge made the girl a ward of the court so her name could be changed.

2. Superman

This moniker was rejected in Sweden, but we’re pretty sure Clark Kent is allowed.

3. Anus

Someone wanted to name their child this in Denmark, but names must be chosen from 7,000 pre approved names or they need to seek permission.

4. Mona Lisa

This name was rejected in Portugal. Maybe they’re just very protective of Leonardo da Vinci’s 500 year-old painting?

3. Blank Space

An Aussie couple came up with this name before Taylor Swift released her hit song with the same name but it was deemed inappropriate.

4. Monkey

A Danish couple weren’t allowed to call their child this.

5. Facebook

A Mexican couple were knocked back for trying to name their child after the social media site.

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6. @

Most countries don’t allow the use of numbers or symbols in names, but this Chinese couple tried their luck and failed.

7. #ROFL

This name was banned for an Australian couple.

8. Fish and Chips

A New Zealand couple were banned from naming their twins this.

9. Osama Bin Laden

German registrars rejected this name for obvious reasons.

10. Pieandsauce

Another wacky name that was banned in Australia.

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11. Sex Fruit

Another one from New Zealand! Thankfully the government stepped in and prevented the poor child being called this.

12. Nutella

Clearly this child’s parents were a fan of the spread. However, French courts shut it down.

13. Robocop

This name was rejected in Mexico.

14. Christmas Day

Another one from Mexico. This name was also banned.

15. Chow Tow

This was prohibited in Malaysia as it’s translated into ‘Smelly Head’ in Malay.

Thankfully, none of these names made the cut. We’re sure these children are more than grateful their governments intervened and prevented them from having to live with an embarrassing moniker for the rest of their life!

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