5 ways to boost your child’s immune system

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Kids are especially susceptible to illnesses and it’s important to build their immune systems to prevent sickness.

Here are 5 tips to help them stay healthy

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Boost those little immune systems!

As adults, we should be leading example by doing the same thing, but here are some top tips to help your children avoid any illnesses this winter.

1. Say bye bye to sugar

Not only is too much sugar linked to poor dental health, weight gain and diabetes, but it can also weaken their immune systems. This is because too much disrupts the balance of good and bad gut bacteria, so avoid the white stuff and processed foods.

2. Feed them a rainbow


Veggies, fruits as well as legumes and whole grains give our bodies vital nutrients that can fight off illnesses so make sure the majority of your diet is made up of these. Some of our favourites during winter include broccoli, carrots, spinach and garlic.

This recipe for comforting chicken and vegetable lasagne is a delicious and healthy winter warmer that the whole family will love!

3. Wash it down with water

In the cooler months it’s very easy to get dehydrated as we’re not as tempted to drink water, especially when we’re stuck inside with the heating on full blast.

Keep your little ones hydrated as this will help to fight against unwanted flu germs and flush out nasty toxins.

4. A good night’s sleep

All You Need To Know About Children's Sleep Studies

“But I’m not even tired!”

It may be a challenge to get them into bed on some nights, but getting enough sleep has been proven to promote healthy development for children and it helps them to fight off infection.

Children need much more sleep than us adults, in fact newborns need DOUBLE what we need. Check out this handy chart to see how much sleep each member of your family needs.

5. Try a probiotic

Probiotics are the natural, good bacteria found in the gut. Not only do they protect our digestive tracts, help us digest food and get rid of toxins, but they also protect us from invading bacteria and viruses.

Our Healthy Kids Smoothies contain probiotics and are a healthier version of a chocolate or banana milk! They also contain no added sugar and are fructose free!

Get yours here!

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