6 reasons people turn vegan

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More and more of us are turning to the vegan diet.

According to a recent survey by the Vegan Society, the number of people living off a plant-based diet has increased by more than 360% in the last decade.

So, what’s behind this huge turn around?

6 reasons behind why people are turning vegan

6 reasons people turn vegan

1. Ethical reasons

For some, they dislike the thought of eating another animal, as well as from animals kept for eggs or milk.

They may then decide to abstain from eating all animal produce.

2. To help the environment

6 reasons behind why people are turning vegan

Some people turn to a plant-based diet for environmental reasons. Livestock such as cows and pigs require vast amount of land, this can cause deforestation.

There’s also an argument that the more livestock there is the more carbon monoxide is pumped into the atmosphere, creating more greenhouse gases.

3. Health benefits

6 reasons behind why people are turning vegan

Other opts for a vegan diet for health reasons, they may want to detox, cut out certain food groups or lose weight.

There are also links to a vegan diet and a decrease in the rates of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

4. Longevity

6 reasons behind why people are turning vegan

Many people who have a plant-based diet believe that it will help prolong their lifespan. There are many studies to support this view too.

5. They find eating meat and dairy unnatural

For some, eating animals goes against what they consider to be human nature. They believe our bodies don’t naturally digest meat or they don’t like the idea of drinking milk from another animal.

6. To lose weight

woman standing on scales

Another benefit, many find, is that when they stick to a plant-based diet they shed the kilos pretty quickly. This is because dairy food and meat produce is often very fatty.

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