9 things that can boost your chances of conceiving TWINS

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While the thought of more than one baby at a time fills some mums and dads will sheer horror (double nappy changes and twice the night feeds), others dream of having two bubs together – think of the cute matching outfits!

The number of women having multiple pregnancies in Australia has increased in the last two decades, due to more couples using fertility drugs or turning to IVF but the twin population is still only around 1.6 per cent of all births.

There are some things that naturally help your chances of having more than one baby. Whatever the reason you wish to conceive twins, here’s what you need to know about conceiving twins

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9 things that boost your chances of conceiving twins

1. Try to conceive while breastfeeding

Scientists found in a 2006 study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine that women who were breastfeeding and fell pregnant were more likely to conceive twins.

However, there aren’t any additional studies to support this information. Breastfeeding can put your own menstruation system out of whack, especially during the first year.


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2. Hold off on having babies

Your age plays a significant role when you have children. If you fall pregnant in your 30s, your chances increase for having multiple babies. This is because you produce more ovulation-stimulating hormones, which could cause your ovaries to release more eggs each month.

Women over the age of 45 have a 17 per cent chance of conceiving twins, but they also have a lower fertility rate.

3. Weight and height

Women who are slightly heavier than their recommended weight range seem to have an increased chance of conceiving multiples compared to other women, especially women who weigh below their recommended weight range.

Though, sticking to a healthy weight range is always best for a healthy, happy bub (or bubs) and mum!

It is also thought that women who are tall have a better chance of conceiving twins, but I doubt wearing a pair of high heels is really going to trick your body into giving you twins!

4. Up your folate

Selection of products with a high content of vegetable protein: broccoli, brussels sprouts, nuts - walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts - beans, lentils, chickpeas

Studies show that women who have high levels of folate, which can be found in broccoli, spinach and legumes, have a 40 per cent increase in twin pregnancies.

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5. Where you’re from

Twin births are rarer in South East Asia than the rest of the world. Meanwhile, twins make up one in every 20 or 30 pregnancies in Nigeria.

6. Eat cassava


This African root vegetable is believed to help women conceive twins, as the peelings contain phytoestrogen, which improves the chance of releasing more than one egg. Interestingly, women in Nigeria have a diet high in cassavas.

7. Check out your family tree

It might be time to start looking back through your family tree to see if you can spot any fraternal or non identical twins, as it’s down to genetics. However, identical twins are caused when an egg splits into two and this is not genetic.

8. Have a big family


Having lots of children increases your chances of having twins.

9. Conceive after discontinuing your birth control pills

Sometimes if a woman stops using her birth control pills her cycle may be irregular and it could cause her ovaries to release more than one egg at a time.

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