10 Things Mums Of Twins And Other Multiples Will Totally Relate To

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All pregnancy and birth stories are different, there is no doubt about that. Giving birth to one baby is no easy task. And then there’s the every 2 hour feed, nappy changing and bed time routine to nail! Now, imagine that times two, or three and even four!

In light of this, we have pulled together 10 things that only mums of twins and multiples will relate to.
Newborn triplet girls sleeping with knit hats

1. Extra Babies, Means Extra Research

You read all the books, questioned your doctor and midwife and Googled everything from specialist hospitals to the cost of double strollers (and university).

2. Shorter Pregnancy

The average pregnancy for mums of twins is 35 weeks, five whole weeks less than mums of just one baby! So, you have generally less time to prepare..for DOUBLE (even triple) the amount of preparation! Goodie!

3. A One Time Labour Experience

Always imagined having two children and then find out you’re pregnant with twins? You may decide that two babies (in one go) is the way to go! You can say goodbye to maternity clothes for good (that’s certainly a plus in itself).

4. “You Must Have Your Hands Full”

Seriously, if you had a dollar for every time someone stuck their head in the stroller, cooed and then said any variation of “they must keep you busy,” you’d be one rich mama.

10 Things Mums Of Twins And Other Multiples Will Totally Relate To
Source: Istock.

5. Help Is Always Appreciated

Whether they’re your family, friends or even a friendly neighbour, you’re always grateful to have a helping hand! Find out what you can do for a new mum here!

6. Breastfeeding Challenges

When you only have two boobs and two hands, getting into the swing of breastfeeding can be a bit tricky! Check out how this mum breastfeeding her four year-old triplets is banishing stereotypes.

Newborn Babies
Source: Istock.

7. Matching Outfits

You’ve unashamedly bought so many cute matching onesies and clothes that you’re hoping they don’t grow up too fast so they’ll be able to wear them all.

8. Sleeping Whenever And Wherever!

It’s an utter miracle when all of the babies are sleeping so you’ve mastered the skill of sleeping at those brief moments.

9. Bouncers Are Lifesavers

When you have one child in the bouncer, you can feed the other one(s) or vice versa; not only do you get stuff done but they love it too!

Sleeping Newborn Triplets
Source: Istock.

10. All Of The Love!

Extra cuddles and extra kisses will make all of the tough parts worth it. Plus they will always have a sibling or siblings to be their friend!

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