Determined to shift her baby weight, this mum of four has lost 15 kilos in 9 months

Mum of four Amanda has finally taken control of her health and weight and has lost 15 kgs in 9 months with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Even though Amanda had been a Healthy Mummy member since 2017, the mum of four found it really hard to push herself to lose weight between pregnancies. Earlier this year and still breastfeeding her fourth baby she knew it was time to take control after reaching her all-time heaviest weight.

Despite taking it slowly, with the help of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, and using the 12 week challenges to push her further, Amanda has lost 15 kilos and is quite rightly feeling chuffed with her achievements.

Great work Amanda!

Mum Amanda O’Shannessy’s baby was not yet 12 months old and still breastfeeding but Amanda knew it was time to take full advantage of her Healthy Mummy App and finally shift the baby weight.

“I saw myself in the background of a photo taken by my kid’s local sports club and I knew my time had come. It was at my heaviest EVER, I couldn’t believe I’d let myself go so bad.” 

“I started off slow and steady, my 4th baby wasn’t yet 12 months and she was my main priority. I just started walking as much as I could.”

Amanda lost 5 kgs in the first five months and took advantage of The Healthy Mummy’s first 12-week Challenge.

“I set myself the goal of getting down to double digits I reached my goal in less than 10 weeks. And I felt amazing.”

The 1st 12 week challenge ended, however,  I didn’t feel like I deserved any special mention because I stopped exercising. I continued with my healthy eating and picked up on the walking between the 2 challenges, I continued to lose.

Amanda’s weight loss results – 15 kilos

Amanda says, “So far I’ve lost just over 15kg and 47cm (which I just calculated for the first time and that’s insane!!! Go me)”

“I’m now begging my kids to play with me. I’m not perfect, I could exercise more, and I’m constantly fighting that mental battle, but what really helps is being able to so easily track my food using the Healthy Mummy app and the amazing community in the 12 week challenge group!”

“Although I could wish I started sooner or that the fat would melt faster I know 1. I wasn’t mentally ready sooner than now. And 2. Slow is best especially because I’m still breastfeeding my 16 month old.”

Amanda is loving the health benefits that have come with the weight loss as well as the changes to her mental health.

She shares, “It is easier to put shoes on now without the spare tyre in the way haha. I feel like I have more energy for the kids and I feel like I can and want to do more with them. I sleep better! I’m off to Dr next week for a full blood check up and see what he thinks of my changes.

I’m feeling happier, my head is clearer and I’m more focused on my future goals with work, homelife, financial goals, relationships and my health. I want to be active. I want to play with the kids and I’m now begging them to come out with me.”

Amanda is a big fan of the Chocolate premium smoothies and has recently tried the Tummy Smoothie.

“As a fussy person I really like the chocolate flavours. Blend with loads of ice and milk and I have a frappe”

Amanda’s Typical Day

Morning: Coffee!!!! With skim milk and a small amount of honey. Usually I have toast with cottage cheese.

Morning tea: I actually have porridge (with another coffee haha)

Lunch: one of my faves is the veggie stack, which I can keep in the fridge for most of the week, of the healthy egg sandwich (with a dash of curry powder)

Afternoon snack: I usually aim for a savoury snack- tomato and cheese crackers. I do love the cookie tart (pictured). And usually with another coffee sometimes I’ll ditch the coffee for a super green smoothie with loads of ice and some frozen berries.

Dinner: varies, could be anything. Last night it was the one-pan chicken BLT, the night before it was a stir-fry. My kids love the stovetop lasagne, spaghetti bol., and devilled sausages.

Evening snack: I’ve recently started making this my shake, and I drink it with or just before dinner and it keeps my meal size down. I don’t often get hungry before bed either, I’ll have an apple if I really need something. My kitchen is closed every night at 7

Amanda’s Favourite Workouts

“I love the 10min step workouts and at the moment I’m following the belly and booty busting workouts (these are my target zones)”

Amanda’s Top Tips for success

  1. You have to really want it, and not the “I want to lose weight” want it, your heart needs to be in it. You have to want to do it for yourself, yes your kids are awesome motivators but this is about you not them.
  2. Stop walking the chocolate, cookies and soft drink aisles. If you find yourself holding a packet of something, ask yourself how will this help you get healthy? how will it make you feel? Most of the time you will put it back. Practice this at BBQ and outings too. Instead make a Healthy Mummy equivalent, or if out smaller portions.
  3. Be kind to yourself. We don’t always get it right- parenting, as a partner, at work- and weightloss is the same. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, or hormonal or life gets tough, we aren’t perfect but we can’t change what happens just try to do better next time. Want the chocolate? Have it, but walk to the store to get it… turns out I didn’t really want it that bad! Haha- have a drink of water and kick a ball with the kids instead

Having really pushed herself this year,  Amanda has some great advice for other mums embarking on a weight loss journey.

She says, “I have so much advice…..Take it slow, not just losing the weight but in making the changes. A total lifestyle overhaul is overwhelming. But one small change a week added up makes a huge difference. Don’t usually have breakfast? Make that change first, then next week add a healthy morning tea… keep building!!!

Add exercise, could be a simple walk, playing with the kids (they really love tag, kicking a ball or throwing a Frisbee in the backyard), walk kids to the park!!!

Don’t forget to stretch… flexibility is hot and improving your range of movement makes exercise easier.

And most importantly love yourself and be kind.”

Thank you for sharing your story, tips and advice and congratulations on your results!

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