Menopause and Rheumatoid Arthritis haven’t stopped Jules losing 12 kilos and taking back control!

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Despite being a healthy weight her whole life, when Mum Jules hit menopause and had to take medication for a Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, her body started to change. The weight was piling on and even though she tried really hard to lose it with some small success, she would always put the weight back on, and sometimes more.

That was before Jules joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! Six months on she’s lost over 12 kilos and 78 cm from her body. She loves the program so much she’s now become a Lifetime Member!

“I’m so much happier, I love fitting back into my beautiful dresses and clothes and doing lots of things with my grandkids.”

Read about Jules’ story below!

Jules Buxton from Inverell in Northern NSW is 59, retired with three adult sons and six grandchildren.

Jules had been slim all her life. At 160cm tall, when she got married at 19 she weighed 50 kilos, and stayed between 50 and 60 kilos for most of her adult life.

‘Hitting Menopause’

Julie’s weight started to change in her late 40’s early 50’s. Not only did she hit menopause, but she was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes pain and swelling to the joints.

Jules shares, “I went on many different medications, HRT, methotrexate, lyrica, prednisone and plaquinil are some of them and I stacked the weight on. I got up to 75 kilos and I struggled to lose it as it became harder and harder to lose weight the older I got.”

Despite several attempts to lose weight for special occasions, the weight would always pile back on and often with a little bit more added.

This year Jules weight had reached 70 kilos again and she was fed up with her bloated tummy. She had stopped taking medication for her Rhuemathroid Arthritis due to the side effects which meant that she was in a lot of pain from flare-ups.

Jules says “Six months ago I broke down and cried after my Rheumatologist had told me I was going back on new meds and it would be for life. I did not want to keep getting bigger and even more unhealthier so that very moment I joined The Healthy Mummy and I haven’t looked back.”

Weight Loss Results – 12 kilos and 78cm in 6 months

“I’ve just finished six months of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and I have lost 12 kilos and 78cm all over! I feel so much better, my tummy has gone down and even though I am dealing with the RA daily and the side effects of my medication I am coping better.

I’m so much happier, I love fitting back into my beautiful dresses and clothes and doing lots of things with my grandkids.”

Being on different medications for her Rheumathroid Arthritis has caused challenges for Jules with different side effects.

“I have good days and bad days, every day I try to walk up and down my driveway, do stretches and leg kicks in my spa and sometimes a weights workout from the Healthy Mummy App.”

‘Loving the Healthy Mummy Smoothies’

“I love love love the smoothies! I have a different one from the app every day for breakfast my favourite flavours are the Tummy, the 45+ and Espresso Smoothies and I make all my smoothies with these as a base.”

Jules Favourites


“I like simple easy to prepare snacks so my morning and afternoon snacks are usually crackers and low-fat cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers or rice or corn thins with tomato or peanut or almond butter and banana, nuts and fruit and veggie sticks.”


“Lunch is sometimes a smoothie or a wrap or crackers, a salad with tuna or chicken or leftovers from our dinners.”

“I like something small and sweet after dinner sometimes like dark chocolate and herbal tea with honey, simple snickers cups, caramel cheesecake bliss balls, fruit nut seed choc bites, choc tahini slice and for special desserts the mini salted caramel cheesecakes and mini triple chocolate cheesecakes are so yummy.”


“I love all the dinners and my husband eats what I have most nights”

Some of my favourites are:-

“Oh I just love everything and I like to try new recipes every week as much as I can”

Jules has also embraced some of the 500 workouts in the Healthy Mummy App, her favourites are Fit Beginner, Total body with weights, express boxing and intense HIIT .

Becoming a Lifetime Member!

Jules is so happy with the program that last month she switched to become a lifetime member!

Jules 3 tips for other mums

  1. Make the decision in your mind to be healthier and fitter and stick to it. Don’t listen to anyone who is negative about your journey, it’s your life your body your health.
  2. Be prepared with your food, grocery shopping lists and meal prep are very helpful, track everything you eat and drink every day, stick to your calories but don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a blowout or a treat as tomorrow is a new day and you can make up for it but don’t do it every day if you can help it.
  3. Move your body every day if you can, just go for a walk or do some stretches or some lightweight exercises, try a new workout from the Heathy Mummpy App, something is better than nothing but if you need to rest listen to your body and do something gentle.

“Be gentle on yourself! If you think you have failed get up and try again the next day. Be motivated and push yourself when you need it. Your health is the most important thing you have so take care of yourself first.”

Wise words Jules!! Thank you for sharing your fantastic success with us!!

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