Mum who lost 25kg cuts sugar out of her diet and is still able to have cake for dessert!

This mum has lost 25kg and has recently given up sugar and the differences she now notices are amazing! She also still has a sweet treat, see how!
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This mum has lost 25kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after cutting sugar from her diet and deciding she needed AND wanted to get her health and fitness back on track.

After completing the Sugar Detox 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Chloe got a boost and gave up refined sugar all together!

She talks about what happened when she gave up the sweet stuff and what she eats in a day, hint it’s sweet (in a good way)!

Chloe Mondon May2018

How this mum cut sugar out of her diet

After completing the Sugar Detox 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Chloe really noticed how much sugar she used to consume. When she decided to cut it out for good, she found she actually really dislikes sugar if she finds it in something she’s eating!

“I’ve found it’s really noticeable and sweet now when before it would be something I wouldn’t even think about,” she said.

Chloe sticks to the Family Friendly Healthy Mummy meal plan as her kids love the meals and she finds it’s the only way she can get veggies into them! #mumlife

A typical day on Chloe’s plate

Breakfast: Coffee Healthy Mummy smoothie. Get yours here.

Snack: Seed and nut bar. Find the recipe here.

Lunch: Beef veggie and lentil soup (leftover from last nights dinner). This is a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe.

Snack: Apple and peanut butter.

Dinner: Stovetop lasagne. Find the recipe here.

Snack: Healthy berry mug cake. This is a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe, find similar here.

Chloe’s next goals? “Losing my last 10kg and toning my belly,” she says.

A lover of the Belly blaster 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Chloe will be smashing the crunches in no time!

Are you wanting to cut the sweet stuff out? Did you know we have a Sugar Detox eBook containing easy-to-follow facts about sugar and information on how you can improve your family’s health and well-being by breaking your sweet addiction?

Get yours here!

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