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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Stories & Tips

So, you’ve had a baby and you want to know how to lose the pregnancy weight? First, congrats on the little one! If you’re ready to start losing those pregnancy kilos, you can kick things off with three super simple tips…

Our Top Tips: How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

First of all, know that losing weight after pregnancy is totally doable. All you need is the right information, inspiration, and support to help you get started. You’ve got this!

Tip 1: Set realistic goals

Go easy on yourself. The first few weeks postpartum are for rest, recovery, and baby-cuddling, not for trying to lose weight. Once you’ve recovered from birth and get settled into your new normal, set some realistic goals. We find that 2-4kg per month is about right, depending on your starting weight and end goal.

Tip 2: Eat good food

Your body has been through a LOT growing a baby and now (most likely) breastfeeding them day and night. Extreme diets or restricted calories aren’t a healthy way for anyone to lose weight, but especially if you’re trying to lose weight after baby. Instead, focus on regular meals full of nutrients to nurture yourself (and your baby). Our healthy weight loss meals will make it easier to stay on track with your postpartum weight loss goals, especially if you meal-prep ahead of time.

Tip 3: Find your tribe

Your mum-tribe will be your go-to source for support, motivation, and advice, plus a safe place to vent when things get tough. Join our Healthy Mummy community, the online support group empowering mums like you to lose weight after having a baby.

Start your post-pregnancy weight loss journey here

If you’re ready to get the support you need to achieve your goals to lose weight after baby, go check out our 28 Day Challenge. You’ll get the recipes, information, and support to plan healthy, nutritious, and delicious food for when you’re ready to start losing weight after pregnancy). And it’s postpartum and breastfeeding friendly!

While you wait for our next challenge to start, you can find more postpartum weight loss tips below. We’ve included advice, motivation, and healthy weight loss stories from real mums like you, who have successfully lost weight after pregnancy.


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