“My self-confidence is coming back!” says Mum who’s lost just under 10kg and over 70cm in 13 weeks

Wowsers, Kelly Joyce's photographs are so inspiring! This mum has lost 9.3kg and 70cm in 13 weeks by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Wowsers, Kelly Joyce’s photographs are so inspiring! This mum has lost 9.3kg and 70cm in 13 weeks by following The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

In fact, the 33-year-old mum-of-two has gone down from a size 18 to a size 12!

How Kelly lost under 10kg in just 13 weeks!

Ever since she was a teen, Kelly says she’s had an issue with her weight.

“I have struggled with weight my entire life and been a yoyo dieter,” she says. “I went on my first weight loss program at just 15 because I was convinced I was fat. During my 20s, my self-esteem hit rock bottom, with that came the weight and I hit just shy of 100kgs at a size 18.

“I lost a lot of weight with over-exercising but never addressed my issue with food. After the kids, my weight crept up. I didn’t want to be a mum that yo-yo dieted. I wanted to be a mum that could teach my kids what it was like to have a balanced healthy lifestyle.

“I put on over 30kgs with my first pregnancy, then followed The Healthy Mummy for my second and only put on baby weight.”

Now, Kelly says she has more energy and she also feels lighter on her feet!

“My self-confidence is coming back! I no longer feel like a stuffed sausage in my clothes. They are comfortable and it makes me stand that little bit taller,” she says.

What a typical day looks like for Kelly

Breakfast: Monday – Friday is a Healthy Mummy smoothie of some sort. Weekends are family time and we have bacon and eggs or the blueberry vanilla pancakes.

Lunch: Usually it’s leftovers from the night before or a meal from the freezer stash. Also a fan of the pita pizzas as a quick option.

Dinner: This is always something quick and easy! With two so young I like simple and generally pick recipes from the app that can be completed in under 30 mins or adapted to the pressure cooker.

Snacks: I generally cook a batch of muffins or slice at the start of the week for snacks during the day. The banana sushi is a quick go too and at night we tend to have cheese and biscuits. I tend to stay away from sweet snacks as I know I don’t have any self-control.

Dinner: Anything simple, like the peanut pork curry, Asian slow cooker chicken, carrot cake slice, banana sushi, lasagne soup, bliss balls.

Workouts: I love the 10 min workouts and baby wearing exercises on The Healthy Mummy app. They’re so quick and easy and means making an excuse not to exercise is harder.

Mum loses just under 10kg and over 70cm in 13 weeks - inspiring photos!

Kelly’s 3 tips for success

1. Make the program work for you and your family, no one’s program is ever going to be the same.
2. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge the little changes you make.
3. Find someone with the same goals to share your journey with, it helps keep you focused.

Join us on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge TODAY

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