Mum makes 117 meals and snacks for under $100 ahead of her upcoming wedding!

Angie Shannon had done a massive meal prep, it took less than 5 hours to make 33 main meals and 84 serves of healthy snacks for under $98!
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Woah go Angie!!!

This incredible mum and step mum pulled off a mammoth meal prep to help keep her on track in the lead up to her wedding! What’s more, it took less than five hours to make 33 main meals and 84 serves of healthy snacks and cost under $98!

Please note, these prices are based off March 2022 grocery costs.

Angie has been a Healthy Mummy for five years and has lost a total of 30 kilos over 3 post baby weight loss journeys.

She knows all too well how meal prepping can not only save time AND money, but also help keep health and weight loss goals firmly on track. Angie is determined to walk down the aisle feeling incredible inside and out!

See what she made below

Angie Shannon is 25 from Dubbo NSW and a mum-of-three little ones with a beautiful stepson as well.

Having been living the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for five years, she’s no stranger to meal prepping

Angie says, ‘The reason for the meal prep today is to help stay on track for my upcoming wedding so I have healthy meals while being super busy to get everything done.

“I find it’ll help me stay on track by having healthy meals there ready to heat up so I have no excuses to skip meals or have takeaway.”

“We got a total of 117 snacks and meals! This meal prep cost a total of $97.90!!”

What Angie Made

Stovetop Lasagne x 6 serves

Get the recipe here

Mexican Chicken Pie x 6 serves

Kid Friendly Healthy Meat Pie x 6 serves

Get the recipes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

San Choy Bow x 9 serves

Get the recipe here

Chicken Enchiladas x 6 serves

Get the recipe here


“The total meal prep would have taken around 3 hours total however with my children and being the only adult home it took around 5 hours because of stopping and starting.”

How Angie used the Healthy Mummy App

“I utilised the Healthy Mummy App to meal prep by making a blank meal plan to start with, adding all the meals and serves I wanted so that I could have a quick and easy shopping list with the exact portions of ingredients needed.

“By also having the Healthy Mummy app up on my laptop while cooking it was easy to read and follow recipes which is a super win.” 

Angie’s Top Tips My top tips for meal prepping, saving money and saving time

  1. Make a blank meal plan and add everything there you wish to make! It saves time and money by not purchasing too much of what you need.
  2. Shop from your pantry first. Use those pantry basics that we all have to cut down costs of grocery shopping.
  3. When meal prepping definitely use a food processor to help if you’re chopping/grating lots of vegetables. This saves so much time.
  4. Cook meals that are similar to each other or one pan dishes that can go in the oven. Again, I find this super easy and it saves time.
  5. I also make meals with good portion sizes so that my family can have lots of different meals that do last longer.
  6. Make some school friendly meals and snacks – this way you can use your snack stash to cut costs of school food.

How Angie lost weight and how she’s getting wedding ready

Angie has been living the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for over five years having lost her baby weight after each of her pregnancies.

She says, “I’ve lost in total of 30 kilos over 3 journeys with the Healthy Mummy.”“My first journey I lost 10kg, my second 15kg and I’m on my third journey and down 5kg and over 30cm so far.”

‘All of these journeys happened in around 6 months with the Healthy Mummy and my third journey has been a little slower but I’m feeling absolutely amazing inside and out.’

Having had so much success with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the Healthy Mummy way of life, Angie says she can’t imagine ever going back to any other way of living.

Angie shares, ‘I love the program and I love the amazing benefits of using the Healthy Mummy program for the whole family. We have quick, convenient options at the tap of a button and there’s no excuses because the Healthy Mummy has nearly any recipe you can think of.’

‘Our family are more active thanks to the Healthy Mummy program and we all love the wonderful app exercises and the meals.’

Angie is determined to feel full of confidence at her wedding and look healthy and vibrant. She’s leaning on all her Healthy Mummy knowledge and experience to get the most out of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and all the amazing Healthy Mummy products in the run up to the wedding.

‘I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies daily, Control X (pictured) if I’m extra snacky through the day, I use the Healthy Mummy Supergreens if I need some extra energy after a rough sleep and I love the Metabolism Support.’

You can find all of these products and more at the Healthy Mummy Shop!

Wedding Goals

‘My goal for my wedding is to walk down the aisle with confidence, not feeling upset with how I look or feel. That’s where the Healthy Mummy has really nailed it for me by focusing on good nutrition and not so much the numbers on the scales.’

Angie and Matt are so excited to be getting married in their home time of Dubbo.

‘My fiancé Matt and I are getting married at Dubbo Rhino Lodge in March. We are both so excited! Our wedding is a beautiful rustic theme with gum leaves, navy, blush and hints of gold in a beautiful rustic reception and a stunning garden ceremony.’

About the dress

‘I tried on 8, however the one I chose was only unpacked the day before and I was the first one to try it on. I instantly fell in love with it! I felt amazing although the stock one I tried on was smaller than my size. We went just one size up and now I need it taken in because I’ve lost weight.’

Angie’s Top Three Tips for brides to be

  1. Don’t be restrictive with weight loss! Follow the Healthy Mummy programs, enjoy date nights and one off meals.
  2. Remember that your weight does not define you and you are beautiful no matter what. While it’s great to eat healthy, you also need to remember you’re beautiful how you are! Focus on being healthy on the inside, not just the outside.
  3. Repeat meals to make life easier and to know what you’re having daily. I do a smoothie every day for breakfast, a piece of fruit for morning tea, banana cake for afternoon tea and usually I change up lunch and dinner.

Angie says, ‘Something I would do differently leading up to the wedding is to create my routine earlier. Making time for me to exercise, to meal prep, I wish I had started earlier to maybe be more ahead with my goals however I am so happy with my results big or small.’

Congratulations Angie we can’t wait to see the wedding pics!


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