Mum who suffers from PCOS has lost 14kg and nearly 70cm in just 7 months!

Karrina Oliver suffers from PCOS and also had gestational diabetes twice with her last two pregnancies.

But the mum-of-five managed to lose 14kg and 66.5cm in just seven months by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Now, this gorgeous mum’s new goal is to lose another 10kg by the end of the year.

Mum who suffers from PCOS has lost 14kg and nearly 7cm in just 7 months!

It all began for Karrina in September 2020, while she was on holiday. That’s the moment she knew she wanted to make a huge lifestyle overhaul.

“We went on holiday and my husband took a photo of me, I couldn’t believe how much weight I had put on,” she says.

“So, when we can back I brought some Healthy Mummy smoothies and started my health journey. I got my energy back then joined up with The Healthy Mummy app just after Christmas.

“I have more energy now to run around with my 2 young boys. My anxiety isn’t so bad, my face has cleared up, my back pain has stopped.”

When it comes to her PCOS, Karrina says her symptoms have eased.

“I don’t even know I have it most of the time. Weight loss is still really slow though but I can see the difference in the photos so it keeps me going,” she says.
Mum who suffers from PCOS has lost 14kg and nearly 7cm in just 7 months!

What a typical day looks like for Karrina

Breakfast: Banana yoghurt porridge
Morning tea: Wholemeal choc chip muffin
Lunch: Tuna and egg salad
Afternoon tea: Apple and peanut butter
Dinner: Fish/chicken/steak with 1/2 a plate of veggies or salad or a healthy mummy meal and veggies.
Mum who suffers from PCOS has lost 14kg and nearly 7cm in just 7 months!

“The wholemeal choc chip muffins are a family favourite. As is the mac and cheese, Mexican lasagne (pictured), apricot chicken and baked moussaka,” says Karrina.

Mexican Lasagne

“I’m doing the Belly and Booty Busting Challenge on The Healthy Mummy app. Wendy is fantastic, I’m so much stronger now then when I first started and I’m able to do all the exercises now.

“I do 50 squats every day and plank for one minute. I do the Challenge exercises six days a week and I have the resistance bands that I’ve started using 3 days a week.”

Mum who suffers from PCOS has lost 14kg and nearly 7cm in just 7 months!

Karrina’s top tips

  • Drink three litres of water a day
  • Try to do over 10,000 steps
  • I have dinner by 5:30pm and don’t eat again until 7:30/8:00 the next morning.
  • Keep it simple, the meal plans can be confusing when you first start
  • Prep the same two snacks for the week, something you can freeze or simple snacks like Veggies and dip or fruit and nuts or peanut butter.

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