OMG! It is definitely all in the “jeans” for this mum

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Oh wow! This result is actually pretty amazing to see. Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and watch your jean size change just like this mum did.

 “I went from a size 16 in jeans to a size 14 in about a month!”

OMG! It is definitely all in the “jeans” for this mum

Courtney Thursfield, 32, from South East Melbourne, is a mum to five-year-old, Zoe. She has been following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 18 months and has lost 27 kilos.

Courtney shares, “I initially joined with a goal in mind of losing 10 kilos and then I wanted to get to 70 kilos. In my head, 70 kilo was healthy for me. It would put me in a healthy range BMI and I’d be a comfortable size 12.

“For me, this was always just a dream – not something I thought was achievable. Like most women with The Healthy Mummy, I had tried every fad diet before and not had much luck.”


Courtney was pleased to find with The Healthy Mummy she was able to lose weight. Slowly but surely she watched the scales going down.

“I went from a size 16 in jeans to a size 14 in about a month and I was stoked! I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t been a size 14 in maybe 10 years, and I’d got back there in a month of eating well and exercising.

“My weight kept slowly falling away and by Christmas, I was in a size 8 comfortably. Over my first 10 months, I dropped from a size 16 down to a size 6-8 depending on the brand.”

“Now that I am maintaining my weight I am sitting at 60 kilos, in size 8’s and looking forward to wearing my first bikini this summer in a very long time!!

“I have seen enourmous health benfits! I am much healthier than I was. I am 100 times better in myself.”


How it all began

Courtney had a knee reconstruction in 2015 and lost total faith in her body.

“I loved netball until this happened, it was my release; it was where I could go and just be with other adults and forget everything for an hour. I did a lot of damage to my knee when I injured it and I knew some of it would not be fixed by the reconstruction, and that I would just have to manage it. After the surgery, I stopped doing anything. I didn’t go for walks, I barely rehabbed it and I had very little intention of getting back to netball.”

Courtney shares, “At the start of 2017 a friend asked me to join a social netball team, and I thought what could it hurt. It was around this time that I joined The Healthy Mummy. The two worked perfectly together for me, I knew if I lost a little weight it would take the pressure off my knee and minimise a lot of the risks that I was taking playing on a poorly rehabbed knee.

“Over the first couple of months, I felt better with each kilogram that I lost. My knee hurt less after each game and I have now stopped worrying about it at all. I still wear a brace as a precaution, but with nearly 30 less kilograms pressuring my body, I have reduced the risk dramatically.”

“A huge thing that I have gotten from The Healthy Mummy and my physical changes is the change in my perception of my body.

“I had lost total faith in my body, how could it break down on me the way it did?!”

“Since losing the first kilogram back in February 2018 I have slowly built that faith back up. I have learned to trust my body, it has done amazing things, and if I treat it correctly it is going to last so much longer.”

Courtney’s favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie 

Courtney absolutely loves the Choc Fudge Smoothie Mix. Her favourite smoothie is the Banana Oat Buster with Choc fudge mix.


Favourite 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes

5 budget friendly weeknight dinners with just 5 ingredients

“I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub! I have never seen somewhere so full of amazing recipes that can be eaten by people living a healthy lifestyle. I love that I can have a look in the fridge for an ingredient, go to the hub and be hit with a number of different ideas.”

Favourite 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercise

Courtney says the exercise videos are great! “I pick and choose a video depending on what I feel like and how much time I have.

“I love that I can choose a low impact video if I’m just feeling like a little movement, or I can get right into a HIIT workout to build up a sweat.”


Courtney’s tips for success

  1. Be realistic – you are not going to drop 10kgs in a month and keep it off. Make a realistic goal and stick with it. I lost about 2-3 kilos per month and this was sustainable for me. It’s also made it easier to keep it off no that I am maintaining.
  2. Prepare, set your meal plan, buy what you need and be ready, Stick to your pan and get everyone involved, choose family-friendly options so your not cooking multiple dinners.
  3. Get moving, eating well is fantastic but make sure to make the most of the exercises in the app. Choose a couple for each day and do them whenever you can.

Courtney’s tips for mums who feel like giving up

“Just don’t give up! Even if you have taken a couple of steps back in your journey, you are still miles from where you started.

“If you feel like your failing, or just not able to keep going, ask for help. Reach out in the amazing support group and seek motivation. There are thousands of women there ready to boost you straight back up.”

The Healthy Mummy community

Courtney admits she wouldn’t be where she is today without the community.

“I have asked questions, I have looked for motivation when I’ve had a bad day, I have given motivation to mums having a bad day.

“I feel like The Healthy Mummy community is more like a family that I’ve chosen. I love that I know there will be familiar faces ready to offer advice to anyone looking for it, or even just simple ideas.” 

Courtney adds, “I will shout from the ceilings about how fantastic The Healthy Mummy is for me – and how much I love it! I watched from the sidelines for a few months before joining – I am so so glad I made that jump.”

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