Our Favourite Autumn And Winter Baby Names

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Brrrr, it’s getting chilly! If you’re expecting between now and August and feel like giving your little one a seasonal name, we’ve rounded up our favourite autumnal and wintery baby names. Check them out below!

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Autumnal Names


An English girl’s name that indicates the orange-yellow gemstone.


You may recognise this name from Love Actually, but this Latin name means “golden.”


Hebrew boy’s name meaning “happy” but also refers to the autumnal ash tree.


Italian boy’s name meaning “brown.” Use the female version Bruna if you have a baby girl.


Latin boy’s name meaning “of the woods.”

small child sits in yellow autumn leaves


Follow Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s lead and name your daughter Hazel, a beautiful autumnal colour.


Hebrew girl’s name meaning “autumn rain.” We also like Jorah for a boy like the Game of Thrones character!


Irish girl’s name meaning “golden princess.”


English boy’s name meaning “from or near the red meadow.”


French unisex name meaning “reddish brown.”

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Wintery Names


Gaelic boy’s name meaning “fire” or “fiery.”


American unisex name that is named after the Aspen tree. It’s also the name of a fancy ski resort!


Greek boy’s name meaning “north wind.”


Italian girls name meaning “white.”


Though this Latin boy’s name means “curly haired,” it just makes you think of a crisp, cold winter’s day!

baby naming bear


It’s a traditional English one meaning “God is gracious”, but it can be a subtle reference to Jack Frost.


Irish girl’s name meaning “snow” that can also be anglicised with the spelling Neve.


Celtic girl’s name from mythology meaning “white footprint.”


Although they’re from the Northern Hemisphere, these birds are a common sight during winter. Use the girl option Robyn for your daughter.


Yes it may be obvious but it’s getting to be quite popular. In fact, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden chose this for daughter Harlow’s middle name.

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