Pregnancy brain is a REAL thing – and scientists can prove it!

Ah, baby brain. That mental fog many women claim they experience during pregnancy when they seem to constantly forget things.
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Ah, baby brain. That mental fog many women claim they experience during pregnancy when they seem to constantly forget what feels like EVERYTHING.

No, you’re not going slowly mad. Scientists have proven that this phenomenon is genuine, and that it might actually happen for an extremely important reason…

baby brain

Researchers reveal baby brain does exist

David Hale, who is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, conducted a study with 39 pregnant women in their third trimester, between the ages of 22 to 39.

Women were shown pictures of adult and baby faces, both happy and sad, and their brain activity was examined with an electroencephalography.

These women then came back in to do the same thing three to five months after giving birth.

Mothers brains change during pregnancy in order to form strong bonds with their babies

Researchers found that there was an ‘uptick in response’ in the women’s cerebral cortex when looking at images of babies. As the mother-infant bond was developing during pregnancy, it seems that the brain undergoes changes during pregnancy to adjust to the role of motherhood, explains MedicalXpress.

David Hale says in a press release for MedicalXpress: “Our findings support the idea that, in the brain, responses to infants’ cues change over the course of pregnancy and early motherhood, with some mothers showing more marked changes than others.

“This variation in turn is associated with mothers’ reports of their emotional bonds with their babies.”

Dementia disease and a loss of brain function and memories

The study showed that after giving birth, women had a change in their cerebral cortex as they had developed stronger bonds with their babies.

While this study doesn’t help give a solution for pregnancy brain, it’s important for mums to know that the reason they seem so forgetful is because their brains are making important changes.

There have been many studies into pregnancy brain, one study found that 81% of pregnant women have reported mild forgetfulness while expecting.

 Meanwhile, this professor reveals he’s found what causes pregnancy sickness.

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