Study finds being pregnant is the same as running a 40-week marathon!

You may feel far from it, but new research finds that pregnant women are basically endurance athletes!

In fact, scientists say the physical intensity of carrying a baby is the same as running a 40-week marathon.

Yep, that’s right. You deserve a medal, mamma!

Study finds pregnancy demands the same physical intensity as running a 40-week marathon!

One of the many side effects of pregnancy is feeling fatigued, and no wonder! Women are burning off as much energy as Ironman competitors.

According to researchers at Duke University, pregnant women should be placed in the same category as athletes who have just competed in a triathlon when it comes down to endurance.

Study finds pregnancy demands the same physical intensity as running a 40-week marathon!

Experts recorded the resting metabolic rates (calories burned while the body is relaxing) of top athletes competing in the Tour de France, a 3,000 mile (4828km) race.

According to the study, the most anyone can sustain is burning calories at 2.5 times the person’s BMR, or about 4,000 calories a day for the average adult.

Study finds pregnancy demands the same physical intensity as running a 40-week marathon!

Pregnancy is, of course, very long compared to other sporting events but researchers found mums-to-be operate at 2.2 times their BMR, which is almost the maximum possible, every day, for nine months.

“Pregnancy is the most energetically expensive activity the human body can maintain for nine months,” Duke University professor Herman Pontzer, who co-led the study tells The Post.

“I don’t think any mother is surprised to learn how difficult pregnancy is!

“But I’ve had a few friends — including my wife — tell me it was good to see pregnancy recognised as extremely challenging.”

So there you go. Basically, women are amazing!

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