How to master super QUICK MEAL PREP for weight loss success

Healthy Mummy Meal Prep Queen Sascha shares her hot tips on how to master a super Quick Meal Prep to ensure weight loss success.
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Healthy Mummy Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley has got meal prepping down to a fine art – helping mums all over the country prepare freezers full of delicious recipes from the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

So when she shares her tips on how you can master super QUICK meal prep, it’s time to sit up, and pay attention.


Meal prep misconception

Sascha says “There is a big misconception around Meal Prep – that you either need to go BIG or go home!”. But this just isn’t the case.

Meal prep is meant to be something that makes your life easier and prep can come in many forms – BIG and SMALL!”

The key to a QUICK meal prep

“The key to a quick meal prep for me is CUSTOMISING the meal plans from the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges!”


Making meal prep simple

Sascha says “If you have a look at the meal planner above which I based on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plans you will see I have kept things really SIMPLE.

Dinner is doubling as lunch and I’m alternating between a smoothie and pancakes for breakfast which are both options I can get creative with!

In terms of snacks, on a week like this, I would fill them in with really simple things such as fruit, protein powder, yogurt, pretzels, nuts, cracker, avocado on toast and I always whip up some bliss balls!”

Just under 1.5 hours in the kitchen including clean up, Sascha prepared:

Bacon & Zucchini Slice

Bacon, Parmesan and Zucchini Frittata x 5.

Beef san choy bow
San Choy Bow x 4  Get the recipe here.

Chicken Wrap
Chicken for 4 x Cafe Style Chicken Wrap. 

Pesto, spinach and ricotta rolls

Spinach and Ricotta, Pesto Rolls – double batch. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Cake Bites

No-bake Chocolate Cake Bites / Bliss Balls –  Get the recipe here.

Ricotta Slice which I made up with leftovers from the pesto rolls.

Dry ingredients for smoothies and pancakes – see recipes below!!

Sascha 5 minute banana choc pancakes
5-minute pancake recipe

chocolate snickers smoothie
Chocolate Snickers Smoothie recipe.

Result – A week’s worth of main meals for less than $80 and prepared in 1.5hrs

Sascha says “So there you have it, in less than 1.5 hours and for less than $80 I have basically all our mains sorted for the week!”

2 ingredient homemade pizza dough

“I chose pizza for Friday as it’s something that the whole family can do on the spot, and is quick, simple and delicious!” See 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe.

Sascha’s hot tips for a quick prep:

  1. Customise!! Keep it simple and think about your schedule when planning! Fridays are cruisy for us so we have time to whip something up on the night!
  2. Double dinner as lunch the next day!
  3. Make extra whenever you can and add it to the freezer stash. That way some weeks you can do a lot less prep and rely on what’s in the freezer!!
  4. Make use of leftovers. Weekends are unpredictable. It’s important to be prepared to stay on track. As I rarely cook meals ahead of time for the weekend I use the search function in the App to whip up things with leftovers, have simple toasted sandwiches or my trusty smoothies! This saves time AND money while also ensuring no food waste!
  5. Snacks CAN be simple! While I love love love my muffins and slices, if I don’t have the time or money then I’m keeping it simple with what I listed above, yogurt, fruit etc… no prep required!”

Thank you Sascha! The Healthy Mummy team just love your organised approach to meal planning and tips for making it quick and easy.

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Maintain an overall healthy and balanced eating routine

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