7 things you know to be true if you are raising a beautiful redhead

If your baby has flame-coloured hair then you’re going to find people will always stop you to comment on their stunning, thick auburn locks.

In fact, you’ll never get tired of the extra attention and neither will your little one.

If you’re a proud parent to a gorgeous ginger bubba then here are 7 things you’ll know to be true if you are raising a redhead…

7 things you know to be true if you are raising a redhead baby

7 interesting things to know if you are raising a redhead

1. You’ll be stopped and your little one’s gorgeous rouge mane will be complimented constantly

People will stop to coo over your baby and his or her auburn coloured tresses, which are always to be admired.

2. Your bag will always contain 50 factor sun lotion, whatever the weather

With luscious red locks usually always comes pearly white skin, so it’s not just sunscreen but hats and umbrellas need to be packed as well.

3. You’ll always be asked: Where did the ginger gene come from? (Especially if you don’t have red hair)

“Is it a throwback?” “Does your husband have red hair?” Strangers need to know for some reason… “Did you have an Irish granny?!”

7 things you know to be true if you are raising a redhead baby

4. No one will refer to your baby’s hair as ginger for some reason

It will more often than not be referred to as strawberry blond. Either way, it’s just luscious.

5. You’ll be told over and over again how rare it is to have a redheaded baby and how ‘the gene is dying out’

Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population has the ginger gene and many experts fear it could be dying out due to climate change. However, that is debatable. Both parents must be carriers of the mutated MC1R gene for their baby to have a chance of having auburn tresses.

7 things you know to be true if you are raising a redhead baby

6. Everyone will comment on how thick your baby’s hair is

Red hair is generally thicker than other shades, on average those with flame-coloured locks have 90,000 strands. Blondes have 110,000 and brunettes have 140,000.

7. You’ll be asked if your tot is left-handed

It’s common for those with the gene for red hair to also be left-handed.

Do you have a redheaded baby? Did we leave anything else off the list?

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