6 things NO ONE tells you about raising a toddler

Looking after a newborn baby is one thing, but when it comes to raising a toddler, the game changes!

Here are 6 things the parenting books don’t tell you!

toddler crying

6 things NO ONE tells you about raising a toddler

1. They have a language of their own

If a stranger listened to you in public, they’d hear a lot of weird grunts, slurpy noises and random exclamations, but you learn to become fluent in toddler. That said, when you hear other toddlers speaking, it will all be gibberish to you!

2. You will clean up A LOT of poo and pee

Probably the most glamorous part of motherhood…NOT! Toilet training is a saga in itself and even when they’ve moved on from nappies to underwear, you’ll find yourself cleaning carpets, bed sheets, mopping the floors and anywhere else they feel like relieving themselves!

3. They have no sense of time

Telling an adult that we’re going to leave in five minutes usually means they prepare to get ready. Not the same case for a toddler! When they hear that, they just hear “not now” as they haven’t learned how to control their impulses and plan their actions. But with time, they’ll learn how to do this so don’t stress!

Toddler Tantrum

4. You will constantly worry about them hurting themselves

“Don’t put your hand there!”

“Ask the lady if you can stroke the doggy first.”

“Watch your step!”

Sound familiar? Now that they’re slightly more independent, you’ll find yourself on edge a lot! Though when it comes to raising a toddler, sometimes they have to make little mistakes so they can understand consequences for their actions.

5. Their energy is insane

No they didn’t sneakily drink a bottle of Red Bull, that’s just their personality. You’ll find yourself thinking that if you had just a fraction of their energy, you could clean the entire house in just 10 minutes!

Not in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen? Here are 10 meals to give your toddler when you’re exhausted.

6. Those qualities that drive you insane now are ones that you’ll love later on

Their strong will, determination, passion and even their stubbornness can be pretty full on when they’re toddlers. But as your little ones get to their teenage years and finally become adults themselves, you’ll realise that these traits can be found in some of the best people.

Toddlers can be truly awesome! Check out these 10 reasons why!

What else did we forget to mention about raising a toddler?

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