7 must-have recipes to help fight the winter sniffles

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With the start of winter comes the inevitable coughs and colds. But instead of drowning your sorrows in toast and crackers, there are some better ways to fight illness.

Food as medicine is well documented, and as well as having healing benefits these recipes all taste fantastic. Sure to bring a smile to your (slightly snotty) face.

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Honey, Lemon And Ginger Chicken Stirfry

7 recipes to help fight the winter sniffles

1. Honey, Lemon And Ginger Chicken

This recipe ticks all the boxes. Honey – tick. Lemon – tick. Ginger – tick tick. Served with brown rice, this stirfry is fast to prepare and tastes as good as it looks.

Recipe here

2. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

This comforting soup has some noodles to slurp, easy-to-chew veggies, and the belly-filling goodness of chicken stock. It’s a winning prescription.

Recipe here

3. Indian Savoury Pancakes With Chickpea Salad

Indian Savoury Pancakes With Chickpea Salad

The turmeric, chickpeas and baby spinach in this recipe all pack a punch to fight off the sniffles. You (or someone else!) can prepare most of this in advance if you like, and then just reheat when ready to serve.

Recipe here

4. Spicy Laksa Soup

Chicken Laksa

Just five ingredients is all you need for this belly-warming laksa. Topped with bok choy (another boost for fighting the cold), and if you add a little bit of freshly chopped chilli, this soup will chase your cold away.

Recipe here

5. Spinach and Sweet Potato Lasagne

Budget Friendly Spinach & Sweet Potato LasagnaOrange fruit and veg, such as sweet potato, is high in beta-carotene which our body converts to Vitamin A to boost your immunity. This pasta-free lasagne also packs in some baby spinach for extra oomph. Just six main ingredients!

Recipe here

6. Garlic Ginger Beef Stir Fry

Garlic Ginger Beef Stir Fry

Garlic is well known as an immunity-boosting ingredient, and combined with ginger means it’s even better. Beef is also on the list for fighting colds, so this is really the ideal meal.

Recipe here

7. Lemon Ice Blocks

3 Ingredient Lovely Lemon Ice Blocks

Sometimes you just can’t stomach too much food when you are ill, and this is where you can easily end up going without. But to help with hydration, why not try these tasty homemade ice blocks? Perfect to enjoy in bed or in the bath, if you get the chance to have time on your own (we can dream, right?).

Recipe here

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