The Mexican Lasagne recipe everyone is drooling over

If you're a fan of classic Mexican flavours, then you will love this unique twist on lasagne - the Mexican Lasagna.
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If you’re a fan of classic Mexican flavours, then you will love this unique twist on lasagne – the Mexican Lasagne. This dish is an irresistible combination of layered tortillas, flavourful beef, and melted cheese that will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling absolutely satisfied.

The favourite lasagne recipe from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge popular with the Healthy Mummy community is one with a Mexican twist!

Not only does this LOOK delicious, but mums are raving about how it’s bursting with flavour and packed with healthy goodness! Full of sneaky vegetables and healthy kidney beans this Mexican lasagna recipe is 575 calories of tasty goodness.

If you are after a lower calorie option,  cut the lasagna into 6 slices, instead of 4 and serve with a big garden salad.

Mexican lasagna recipe

What the Healthy Mummy Community is saying about Mexican Lasagne

Kimberely Calvert shares, “Dinner!!! Mexican lasagna recipe  from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app. I made two, a Vegetarian one for me and a Lamb mince one for the family. Served with a simple salad and leftovers for the freezer stash and kids’ dinner tomorrow night.”

Lauren Kolstad says, this Mexican lasagna is simply perfection!”

Julie Banham says, “Freshly cooked this morning. This recipe is amazing and still my number one favourite 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe.”

Amy Atkinson shares, Mexican lasagna recipe is jam Packed full of vegetables and kidney beans.”

Annette Palma  said,Mexican lasagna you complete me!! – Ladies if you have never tried this, you have no idea what you’re missing out on!! Get it on your meal plan for next week. It’s a free recipe AND you can find it in the amazing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub!!”

Megan Carter says, Mexican Lasagne is always a winner in our house!”

Sarah Maynard added, “Do you need lunch ideas for yourself? Then why not cook this Mexican lasagne it makes 4 serves but why not cut the quarters in half again so then you have 8 serves. Then put a nice serve of fresh salad with it & dam a healthy lunch plus you have 8 serves. Freeze leftovers & grab as you need.”


Why not try  it for yourself? Click here for the Mexican lasagna recipe

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