These mums have lost 130 kgs between them and are looking fabulous!

See how these amazing mums lost weight and changed their lives with the support of The Healthy Mummy community.
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At The Healthy Mummy we love to celebrate our amazing mums!

We’re very excited to share these wonderful mums phenomenal transformations and how they are achieving their goals with the help of The Healthy Mummy and our amazing support group.

9 mums amazing mind, body and confidence transformations

Rebecca Harman

Rebecca Harman

“Before photo taken after bub number one in 2015

Current photo now after two bubs

I live and breathe The Healthy Mummy!

My body confidence has skyrocketed since taking charge of my health with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and smoothies.

I can’t believe how easy it was! The challenge recipes are so delicious and are a big hit with my family.

I have gone from…

  • 90kg > 64kg
  • Size 16 >10/12
  • Tired > Energetic
  • Failing > Thriving!

Of course, this transformation isn’t just physical. After my second bub was born in August last year I had a nasty battle with postnatal depression and was suicidal, I knew I needed help straight away. Instead of sitting on the couch and filling my face like I wanted to, I put all my fear and anger into my fitness and healthy eating. 
As a stay-at-home Mum it is hard to put yourself first, but focusing on my health along with medication helped me out of that hole and kick postnatal depression in the butt. And of course, having this awesome community and a wonderful trainer helps too.

Yes my thighs still rub together, I have cellulite and flabby bits and I occasionally cringe when I look in the mirror, but nobody’s perfect and I have found my inner hotness.” 

Heather Louise

heather louise

“Baby number one was born in January 2014 – I put on 25kg, lost about 22kg with The Healthy Mummy.

Baby number two was born in October 2016 – I put on about 20kg (she will be 2 in three days!), lost that plus an extra 7kg in the last few months with The Healthy Mummy.

I am now down to the weight I was before I met my (soon to be ex) husband.

I have lost many many cms.

I’m the fittest & healthiest I have ever been.

I’m slowly gaining more confidence.

I am on my way to loving myself completely.

Thank you The Healthy Mummy! x

Full body: January 2017 vs October 2018″

heather louise2

Esther Cini

Esther Cini
“I have been overweight for years and couldn’t shift the weight even after multiple diets. I have hereditary kidney and liver disease, polycystic ovaries and have been through IVF and been pregnant seven times (three children, four miscarriages). I thought all of that combined with genetics that I would never lose the weight and even though I had accepted my weight I couldn’t accept that I didn’t have enough energy for my kids and was struggling to make it through most days.

I have two children with special needs and a toddler and they needed more energy from me than I had to give. So my goal was to feel less lethargic and get fitter and stronger. I have well and truly achieved those goals and the weight loss has been a great bonus. Still got more to lose but I’m already feeling amazing!

About The Healthy Mummy – It taught me how to fuel my body the right way enabling me to exercise more. And the challenge exercises helped me exercise the right way too. Having all the recipes so easily accessible via the app too made everything so much easier. And being able to make tasty meals that are healthy made me feel like I was never depriving myself so I didn’t want to binge on bad foods.

But it’s all about balance so I haven’t been perfect the whole 11 weeks – I’ve had multiple celebrations and weekends away during that time and I wasn’t always making the right choices then but I did find that over time my bad choices were even getting better.

My son told me yesterday this was happiest he’s ever seen me which was so sweet and such a good indication of how good this program is.”

Mikayla EveMikayla Eve

“Basically I was just sick of being overweight. I saw everybody’s success stories & wanted to become one of them. 

I have two kids aged 6 & 3 & I just wasn’t being the best mother that I could be at the weight that I was. 

I started last year on the 5th of November & started to see results pretty much straight away. 

The best thing about The Healthy Mummy for me is how it just fits into my lifestyle. I actually get a tonne of inspiration from you with the meal prep & budgeting!”

Katherine JaneKatherine Jane

“I started my weight loss journey years ago when my heaviest was around 90kg. To be honest, I might have been heavier but I was too scared to weigh myself. Then I changed small things in my lifestyle and the weight started to shift.

I joined The Healthy Mummy and become to be at my peak fitness and my ideal goal for my weight, then due to health complications I stopped training and stop using The Healthy Mummy app. Weight has slowly crept back up as I thought I could do it myself but no I couldn’t. I have just joined up again and already in a few short weeks have lost 4kgs and enjoying the meals and what makes The Healthy Mummy the one for me as the kids eat the food too so I am not making separate meals for just me! I get excited to meal plan again.”

Tianna McMartin McMartin


“I’ve been following the Healthy mummy pages since 2015. Was sceptical at first but loved seeing everyone’s transformations! Have been dealing with a lot of personal and family situations hence falling off the bandwagon a few times!

Smoothies are the best! During my second pregnancy in 2017, I got the pregnancy smoothies and only had a weight gain of 8kg was my healthiest pregnancy so far! Then I developed a crush on the Salted Caramel smoothies taste amazing and so fulfilling! So making my Healthy Mummy start this year has been a blessing!  The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge so far has been a challenge but that’s what I love about it! All the workouts, meal plans and just new ideas are incredible! AND I LOVE TABATA!  looking forward to smashing out my monthly goals and doing many more 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges!”

Lisa Bone

Lisa Bone

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges helped by opening me up to new healthy meals, especially sweet snacks. I’m such a sweet tooth and there are so many easy healthier options.

The smoothies have been a lifesaver. I never use to bother with breakfast but now I have an easy, convenient option I can take them with me. They are so versatile you can have them as basic as you want or as packed full of goodness as you want. The tummy Stuff AMAZING!”

Karli Andrade

karli Andrade

“I discovered The Healthy Mummy in mid-July 2018 from an add on Facebook. I joined The Healthy Mummy Facebook page and just watched for the first few weeks ( I had already done my food shop and I was struggling financially).  I had lost 10kg for my wedding the previous year using Keto diet but decided it wasn’t really a way of life for me. I had put about 8kg back on and was not happy with my body. I don’t have any children ( hubby and I are trying). I thought originally this isn’t for me – I am not a mum. I kept watching the page and reading the stories and was amazed at what I was reading. There was no negativity and very one supported each other, it seemed like one big family. I put myself out there and sent a private msg to The Healthy Mummy admin and asked if it was ok for me to do this even though I am not a mum. Within minutes I received the most beautiful msg back, saying yes, of course, this is for everyone not just mums. On the 5th of August, I took my first measurements (I hate scales, so no weight but I have a good idea that it was around 98kg). I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it properly, all in. 

“I joined with the $5 for the first month. Then I did my meal plan and food shop, followed by meal prep. The first Facebook live I saw said to change things week by week. So the first week was food. I didn’t really do much exercise but focused on my food. I would only exercise if I could when there was a Facebook live. The next week I then started the exercise. I got myself into a routine. Get up, 30 min of exercise, breakfast and get on with my day. Every day I would comment on Facebook posts and post myself. I also joined The Healthy Mummy Private support page and another one of the consultant’s page. I love those pages, they lift me up when I’m down, they answer any questions and I have now made friends from them.  From the Support page, I connected with a mum in a different state and we talk everyday, we talk about food, exercise, mental health and a general chit chat. After two weeks chatting this lady asked me if she could post me a motivational book as she had a spare. 10 minutes later she sent me a screenshot. She had bought me a Salted Caramel smoothie mix and a Healthy Mummy notebook. At this point, I was out of work and hubby only worked part-time. I could not afford anything The Healthy Mummy. I was doing great with food and exercise and my mental health was improving. As I suffer from depression and anxiety consistency can be hard for me.

Fast forward a month and I am now working full time. This completely shook up my routine along with some family dramas. Any consistency stopped, I am only now a month later getting back on track. I wasn’t having anywhere near the calories I should or water and exercise stopped. As did any cm loss, I was staying the same for two to three weeks. This had to stop. So now I am back to exercising daily (even if its only 10 min), drinking my 3L of water and eating properly again. I have  new routine. I get up to make my smoothie, have my tummy and metabolism tabs ( this week i added ACV tablets). Half way through the day at work I have super greens. I eat 1800 calories per day of yummy Healthy Mummy recipes. Every day I have a smoothie for breakfast with The Healthy Mummy smoothie mix and sometime I will have one for a snack. I also would be lost with out the protein powder and snack bars. I would be lost without The Healthy Mummy, it has changed my life. I would be lost without the app and the smoothies. I am able to customise the meal plan to suit the tastes of my husband and myself and even better I don’t need a gym membership because i have a gym in my app. I do a food/exercise/water diary to keep myself accountable daily and set daily/weekly/monthly and long term goals. I am now at 95.3 kg and have lost over 50 cm. My mental health is also better and I look forward to my food and exercise daily. It is all about keeping it simple and baby steps for me. I am a member of multiple Healthy Mummy facebook groups and have made so many friends. This is definitely a lifestyle change for me and not a diet.”

Vanessa Bermingham

vanessa birmingham

“I bought this dress for my sister-in-laws hens last year. Even with the corset (you can see it under the dress) and sucky in undies it just didn’t look good, despite being very stretchy. I went with one of the other dresses instead.

Fast forward 18 months-ish and it fits like a glove, no corset or sucky in undies needed! I’m loving it! Bring on Summer!! The Healthy Mummy has given me the tools (and amazing recipes) needed to be live a healthy and active life! Looking fab is an absolute bonus.”

Sally Anne

sally ann

“I started my Healthy Mummy journey at the beginning of June 2018. Since then in only 4 short months I have lost 21kg and went from 117.2kg to 96.2kg and I lost 45cm all over my body!

I am feeling absolutely amazing!! I can run around and play with my 1 year old! Still, a long way for me to go but with having the Healthy Mummy support by my side I know I can do it! The Healthy Mummy gives me the right tools I need to fix myself and become a role model for my son!”

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