It’s week 1! Are you ready to BEAT the BELLY BLOAT?!

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Hooray!!!!! It’s Day 1 of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – and the Belly Blaster round! 

This October, our Challenge is all about helping you work on your CORE and get BIKINI CONFIDENT for summer.

Are you ready to look your best this October?


More on this month’s Challenge theme

Hands up who would like a flatter, more toned tummy? Um, yes that’s right, everyone!

Mums from all over the globe have been writing to us and asking for simple, do-able ideas for blasting belly fat.

And the Healthy Mummy has delivered, as the October 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is the BELLY BLASTER CHALLENGE!

The belly area is often a cause for concern with many mums, and not just immediately after giving birth.

Our busy lives and the stress of being a mum can sometimes make it harder for us to focus on reducing fat from this area.

The Belly Blasting 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge will provide you with everything you need to blast away the fat from your tummy.

The meal plans are loaded with recipes containing ingredients perfect to reduce belly fat as well as exercise plans and long-play workout videos focused on working on the key tummy areas.

Day one means it’s Fitness Test Day!


It’s day one of the October Challenge. Do you know what that means? It’s Fitness Test Day!

As part of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge we encourage our mums to complete a fitness test on day 1day 14 and day 28 of the Challenge. 

Don’t forget to complete your fitness test to help you set new goals or use as an indicator to celebrate how far you have come!

The Healthy Mummy‘s Fitness Test is a fantastic way to track your fitness and progress without worrying (or stressing about) a number on the scales.

The test helps you track your upper body, lower body and core strength progress over the Challenge. For more information on the Fitness Test – be sure to use your Challenge App – hit the exercise tab and look under the section ‘Exercise Plan’.

Check out these tips on how to complete.

Check your BMR ladies

BMR Basal metabolic rate written on a notepad sheet.

Day one of the challenge is also the PERFECT time to take your measurements and check your BMR.

Your BMR is your basal metabolic rate.

This is an important number to know on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, firstly so you’re aware of how much you can eat and still lose weight, and secondly, so you know how much you must eat to stay healthy – you must never eat below your BMR calories, as this can send your body into energy-conserving starvation mode.

Click here for more on how to calculate your BMR.

New things 

Spotify playlist


We are so excited to have a playlist in Spotify, to kick-start our October Belly Blasting Challenge.

To use it:

  1. Download Spotify (if they are not already a User)
  2. Search for The Healthy Mummy
  3. Open playlist “The Healthy Mummy – Strong to the Core” 

Postnatal Exercises

We are also SO EXCITED about our launch of Postnatal Exercises, in our Challenge App.


The early days and weeks after having a baby are a time for rest and recovery.

Performing simple pelvic floor and core exercises and walking within comfort is all you need to think about at this stage. Once you have regained your core and pelvic floor strength and if all else is going well, you can commence low impact exercises, generally around 6 weeks after giving birth.

Women who had had a caesarean section can also commence pelvic floor retraining and gentle core recruitment soon after delivery, but avoid any activity that strains your midsection for a good 12 weeks.

As a guide, avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby until you are well healed. You too can gradually return to low impact and low load exercise. You should prioritise your core, pelvic floor and posture in this time. For more on these exercises, click here. 

New Core Workouts

There are also NEW Core Workout videos in the App, for the October Belly Blasting Challenge.

Check them out here. 

Meet your Motivating Mums

Alicia Whitbread

Alicia Whitbread

Alicia started her Healthy Mummy journey nearly three years ago. Her goal for October is to aim for 60kgs and target belly fat while toning up!

“I gained 30kgs when I was pregnant with my daughter and lost 22kgs in four months after I gave birth with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. I then fell pregnant with my son (13 months between children, one complicated delivery and one via c-section) and only gained 15kgs thanks to the Pregnancy Smoothies and exercises.

“I lost all my pregnancy weight but in the last four months I have lost extra weight, making a total of 28.2kgs lost using The Healthy Mummy to date. 92kgs before I found The Healthy Mummy and down to 63.8kgs today. I owe my health and happiness to The Healthy Mummy, Rhian and the team.”

Alicia’s top three tips are:

1. Stay hydrated.

2. Keep healthy snacks and smoothie ingredients handy.

3. Be positive; any progress is good progress and we should not compare ourselves to others.

You’ve got this Alicia, woohoo!

Hayley Bartlett

Hayley Bartlett

In 11 months, Hayley has lost 16kgs and 65cms from her body! And like many mums, Hayley’s October goal is to lose centimetres from her problem area… her tummy!

Hayley says, “I’ve used The Healthy Mummy on and off for the past four years, however November last year was when I got serious. After having three children in three years the weight piled on. I had completely forgotten about how important it was to take care of myself and focused solely on my family. I jumped head first into the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies each day.”

Hayley’s top 3 tips for staying on track during October are:

1. Be prepared. If you’re heading out, take snacks with you so you’re not tempted to grab the wrong foods.

2. Have your meal plan pinned up in your kitchen. That way you always know what you’re having.

3. Meal plan and prep each week!!

You’re going to smash October Hayley, go for it!

To meet the rest of your Motivating Mums, click here.



This Tuesday  11am – 1pm AEST, we will be hosting another LIVE Q&A Session from our Motivating Mums! Come along to our Private Support Group on Facebook to get get great tips and advice from real mums!

Yummy food we CAN’T wait to try this week! 

meal plan

Our week 1 meal plan is now live and it looks amazing!

Budget, Higher Cals, Standard and Vegetarian are all customisable options to suit you!!

Have your cake and eat it for breakfast with the scrumptious Strawberry Cheesecake Breakfast Bread Puddings! (Only 5 min prep time makes this a family fave!)

We can’t wait for the Cucumber, Pineapple and Lime salad! At only 83 cals and 5 min prep time this delight is perfect for busy mums!

Winner for dinner is the Chunky Beef and Pinto Bean Chilli. It will get everyone licking their bowls. 

Choc Mint Avocado Icy Poles are also on the menu! At 119 calories the WHOLE family will devour these! These are no nasties found in these and they’re packed with goodness and so easy to make!

Things to remember this week

Well ladies, get ready to tackle and embrace week one! Remember,

  • We are here to support YOU! Make sure you join our Private Support Group to connect with other women, stay on healthy eating track and help you keep motivated.
  • Use your App! The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been created to be like a PT in your pocket. You can easily download your shopping list, track your water intake, do your exercises and dissect metabolism boosting tips all from your App! Use it! 
  • Be patient, keeping going and you will see results!

Well ladies! Let’s get ready to SMASH October and BLAST OUR BELLIES!


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