You won’t believe how long it takes to burn off your favourite Christmas treats!

Armed with some knowledge about healthy alternatives, there's no reason why you can't have an awesome Christmas and stay on top your health goals.
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Roast Turkey

Did you know that the average Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can mount up to as much as 6,000 calories?!!!

Woah! And that’s just Christmas day!

If you look at all the other Christmas treats over the festive season, it’s easy to see why your weight loss goals can go out the window!

But they don’t have to! Armed with some knowledge about healthy alternatives, there’s no reason why you can’t have an awesome Christmas and stay on top your health goals.

Jump ahead to find what you want:

You won’t believe how long it takes to burn off your favourite Christmas treats!

1. Mince pie

Highest And Lowest Calorie Mince Pies

The average mince pie contains around 245 calories. That will require you to head out on a 20-minute run to burn it off or a 40-minute walk.

Swap for our refined sugar-free Christmas mince pies, pictured above, at only 200 calories.

2. White or red wine

10 alcoholic drinks to AVOID if you want to lose weight

A glass of red or white wine contains around 123 calories. You will need to do about 12 minutes of circuit training to burn it off or dance for 20 minutes.

Why not try one of our healthy cocktail or mocktail recipes instead, all under 100 calories?

Our nutritionist shares her low-calorie alcoholic drinks.

3. Sausage rolls

Chicken Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are around 100 calories each, they will take you at least a six-minute run to burn off just one serve.

Why not swap for our Healthy Hidden Veggies sausage rolls at only 124 calories for 4?

4. Christmas cookies

These little sneaky treats contain around 112 calories each, meaning you would have to head out for a 20 min walk to burn them off.

Swap for our 10 low-calorie Christmas treats.

5. Candy canes

Candy canes contain 60 calories each. That will require around 11 minutes of walking to burn them off.

Opt instead for a healthy candy cane like this cute fruit platter above.

6. Chocolate coins

3 ingredient coconut and macadamia chocolates

A bag of chocolate coins contains around 210 calories. A 40-minute walk would burn them off, or, alternatively, an hour-long moderate weight-lifting session.

Try these delicious low-calorie choccie treats instead!

7. Gingerbread biscuit

A gingerbread biscuit is around 200 calories, meaning you would need to do a 40-minute walk to burn them off.

Make our healthy Gingerbread Reindeer biscuits at only 82 calories.

8. Turkey dinner

Roast Turkey

Did you realise that a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings contains nearly 6000 calories? You’d need to run around 80 km to burn it all off. That’s crazy!

We think you should just swap to our yummy Roast Turkey with Pistachio Stuffing and Cranberry Gravy, pictured above, at just 490 calories per serve!

9. Lamb and beef

Pesto Lamb

There are 199 calories in a 100-gram serving of lamb. While beef has 177 calories per 100 grams.

That’s about an hour on the rower, or 15 minutes of dusting and vacuuming if you are keen.

The healthiest cuts of lamb include loin, shank, and leg.

If you’re considering beef for Christmas dinner, opt for sirloin topside steak, top round steak, eye of round steak or bottom round steak. Make sure you trim away excess fat from the edges.

Try our slow cooked lamb at just 200 calories.

10. Ham

Christmas Baked Ham With Pineapple Glaze

There are 112 calories in just a 100-gram serving of ham. To burn it off, you would need to go hiking for about 15 minutes.

Ham is generally healthy meat, but not when you cover it with a sugary glaze, extra salt and lots of oil. If you’re looking for a healthy option, buy a lean, cut leg of ham and avoid eating the skin.

The Healthy Mummy Sticky Ginger and Pineapple Baked Ham is only 417 calories (serves 8).

11. Chicken

Chicken has 148 calories in a 100g serving. Like turkey, chicken breast has the least fat, with the skin, thighs, and wings containing the most calories. A 15-minute run or 30-minute walk should do the trick afterwards.

Try our simple chicken roast at just 200 calories per serve.

12. Roast potato

Roast Potato

Three medium roast potatoes come in at around 400 calories40 minutes of CrossFit should help burn it off.

Top foods to have this Christmas if you are embarking on a lifestyle overhaul

Santa on the BBQ

Christmas and overindulgence goes hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your healthy habits out of the water.

Just like any other time throughout the year, it’s all about moderation – and it helps to know the calorie count of your favourite Christmas fare.

If you’re heading to dinner parties, work break-ups and Christmas feasts worrying that you can’t allow yourself some treats, you’re likely to either end up binging or feeling annoyed.

The best idea is to treat yourself with those things that you really do love, all while keeping a watchful eye on the calorie count.

Festive favourite foods and their calories

Remember to maintain balance and mix-and-match meals to ensure you’re allowing yourself some treats.

6 Easy Ways To Host A Healthier Christmas Party

Here’s a rundown of the most popular Christmas treats and food, and how they stack up on the calorie count:

  • Turkey – A 90g serving of turkey breast roasted with the skin has approximately 149 calories.
  • Christmas ham – A 100g slice of cooked, glazed ham will set you back 115 calories.
  • Brussel sprouts – Sprouts (without trimmings like bacon and butter) contain 65 calories for 150 grams.
  • Roast potatoes– 150g of these crispy delights contains 149 calories.
  • Mince pies – A single, short-crust mince pie contains approximately 250 calories.
  • Christmas pudding – A 115g wedge of Chrissie pudding (without cream or custard) contains 333 calories.
  • Pretzels – A 25g small bag of pretzels with sea salt contains 94 calories.
  • Baileys – A 37 ml glass of this creamy liqueur contains 129 calories.
  • Champagne – A flute of the fizzy stuff contains 80 calories.
  • Cider – A large bottle or pint of Apple or pear cider packs a 230 calorie punch.
  • Tiger prawns – A single tiger prawn contains 50 calories.
naughty to nice treats

We’ve also compiled a guide on healthier ways to enjoy alcohol over Christmas.

Read more helpful info on swapping to a healthy Christmas


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