10 reasons it’s great to have your kids close in age

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We’ve already shared the advantages of having a decent age gap between siblings, but there are also some AWESOME benefits to having your kids close in age, whether it was by choice or circumstances.

It’s no secret women are waiting longer to have children, so some may feel they can’t afford to wait years between babies. But however you decide to have a family, there are no wrongs or rights.

Here are the pros of having your children clustered together in age…

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10 reasons it’s great to have your kids close in age

1. You won’t have to hold onto baby items

There will be no need to hang onto baby gear or clothes if your children are close in age, which means you can clean out the cupboards of any strollers, swings and carseats quicker.

2. Joint playdates

The youngest one won’t feel like they’ve been left behind for long, as they will soon be walking or going to school like the older children. They’ll love the same cartoons at the same time and play the same games. They may even have the same friends, making playdates easier.

3. Similar sleep schedules

Having children close in age means they may be napping and going to bed around the same time.

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4. Strong sibling bond

They may bicker and be competitive with one another, but most of the time they will be each other’s bestie. As they’re close in age, they’ll understand each other better and develop a strong bond.

5. Being in the routine

If you have children close in age you are already in the parenting ‘groove’. It can seem a little scary going back to having a newborn when it feels like it’s been such a long time.

6. Getting your body back sooner

Whether it’s because your suffered from all day sickness or you missed going for long runs, the closer your have your family together, the quicker it will be until you get your body back for yourself for good.

7. They’ll be great roommates

If your children have to share a room together, they’ll love hanging out together if they’re close in age. It will be like having a slumber party every night.

potty training dramas

8. No more potty training

If you have two or three kids within a few years, you’ll get out of each phases – like potty training – a lot quicker. How awesome would it be to not having to lug around nappies!

9. You’ll get your sleep back sooner

While it may seem like mayhem in the first few years and you’ll need cocktail sticks (and a lot of coffee) to keep your eyes open, the good news is you’ll soon be having uninterrupted sleep again and you won’t need to worry about going back to those sleepless night days again.

10. They’ll be out of the house quicker

This may sound selfish, but you’ll be grateful for having your home to yourself when they leave to either go to university, travelling or move out into the big wide world and become independent.

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