10 reasons why toddlers are awesome- truly!

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Toddlers often get a bad rap because they’re out of the cute baby stage but are not quite old enough to explain what they want and how they are feeling.10 reasons why toddlers are awesome - truly!

While they can get incredibly frustrated, cranky and often have ridiculous sleeping patterns that parents struggle to cope with – toddlers are also a whole lot of awesome and here’s why.

1. Easily amused

Don’t worry about spending wads of money taking them to see live shows because toddlers will be happy enough watching big kids at the playground. A water sprinkler will keep them amused for hours as will a big cardboard box.

2. Their default setting is wonderment

As they start to walk and make their way in the world everything they see or do gives them the best thrill. Seeing a cat or tractor for the first time, watching their father mow the lawn or standing in the rain will amaze them.

3. Super affectionate

As kids grow older they often become less affectionate and aren’t as willing to part with cuddles and kisses. Toddlers on the other hand are usually the best at running up to you and smothering you in sloppy kisses. Some go through stages of not wanting to stop for a cuddle but that’s because they’re too busy playing to stop.

4. Like The Terminator, they never give up

It’s been said that years ago one of the UK’s top football teams attempted to do everything a toddler did for the day and half way through they were so tired they stopped. Toddlers don’t have a slow setting they just go and go and go until they drop or fall asleep exhausted, wouldn’t it be nice if we had their energy?

5. They say the darnedest things

From asking you why you have boobies to calling a nipple a nibble, toddlers come out with the funniest things. They’re also ridiculously honest and have no idea that it’s not the done thing to tell the woman at the checkout that their mother has a hole in her knickers, this has happened to me!

6. Incredible fashion sense

10 reasons why toddlers are awesome

Anything goes when you’re a toddler so heading to day care or the shops in a tutu or a doctor’s outfit is completely acceptable and often a requirement. Their unique sense of fashion and love of dressing up will make you laugh and smile for hours on end.

7. They are without prejudice

In their eyes everyone is equal and the same, which is something worth encouraging and nurturing. They won’t discriminate in the playground and love everyone and anyone. Sadly this sort of innocence only lasts for a short time so enjoy it.

8. You can do no wrong

Other than when you’re feeding your child something they detest, you can do no wrong in the eyes of your toddler. You are their entire world and the one person they will look to when scared, happy or excited. They are also quick to forgive, especially when you have told them off or given them a time out.

9. They take naps, well usually

10 reasons why toddlers are awesome

That glorious hour or two that you get when you’re toddler is asleep should never be taken for granted or squandered because once it’s gone it’s never coming back. Another bonus of nap time is that they wake up all docile and cuddly and ready to face the rest of the day with a smile.

10. You can outwit them

It’s not until your kids are older that you realise that toddlers are fantastic because they rarely talk back or give you the attitude that an 8-year-old will. Sure they might cry or say ‘no no no’ but because they are susceptible to bribes you usually have the upper hand within minutes.

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