10 things parents wish they had done differently when their kids were little

Let’s face it, parenting is a learning curve and none of us start out as experts. In fact, most of us muddle through as best we can.

It’s very easy to look back with hindsight at situations and ponder what you would have done differently.

Here are some of the most common things parents often say they wish they had done when their kids were little…

10 things parents wish they had done when their kids were little

Things most parents wish they had done when their kids were little

1. Taken more naps

10 things parents wish they had done when their kids were little

They say sleep when the baby is sleeping but how many of us actually do that? Often, we find ourselves cooking dinner or tidying the house.

Many parents say they wish they’d slept more when they could or taken more time for themselves when their kids were little.

2. Asked for more help

Another common thing parents wish they had done, is ask for more help. It’s not easy raising kids, especially without a village around you. Most parents wish they had asked for more help, whether that be watching the kids or for advice.

We all get there in the end, but many of us feel clueless at the time!

3. Worked less

10 things parents wish they had done when their kids were little

This is a tricky one, because we work in order to provide for our kids. However, time goes fast and even faster as your children grow up, it seems.

Many parents wish they’d worked less and felt less stressed because of work pressures.

4. Taken more photographs

10 things parents wish they had done when their kids were little

These days, it’s easy to take snaps on your smartphone but when we are rushed off our feet, we often don’t get enough pics of day to day.

And mums certainly don’t get as many pics with their kids, as they are usually the ones taking the photos!

5. Shouted less

10 things parents wish they had done when their kids were little

It’s not easy trying to keep your cool when you are sleep deprived, stressed and have little ones pushing the boundaries. Kids will always be kids and they will learn, eventually!

6. Realised things pass quickly

If it feels like the sleepless nights will never end. Or that you will never get time to yourself ever again… You will. It might feel like it’s never ending, but as they grow, they slowly become more independent.

7. Tried to do it all

You don’t have to be perfect. In today’s society, we have so much pressure from social media. It doesn’t matter if you let some things slip, it all gets done in the end.

8. Asked for more cuddles

Little children love cuddles but as they get older, they may want less and less. If you have young kids, savour every hug that you can.

9. Focused on yourself more

It’s easy to forget about yourself or your significant other while you are focused on your brood. But it’s okay to have ‘you-time’ or date nights. So many parents say they felt guilty not focusing solely on their children.

10. Chucked out the parenting books

Every child is different and there’s no ‘set way’ of doing things. Many mums and dads wish they’d trusted their gut instincts more and obsessed less about what they ‘should’ be doing in that given time.

How about you? What would you have done differently if you could?

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