17 Movie Titles That Perfectly Describe Parenting

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If there’s one thing we can say about this parenting gig, from the moment we’re woken by our little human alarm clocks each day, we never quite know what’s in store. From the monotony, to the mayhem and magical moments – these are the movie titles that perfectly portray parenting.

kids playing drums

Movie Titles That Perfectly Describe Parenting

1. Back to the Future

When you discover a gap in the time space continuum that seems to suck every spare second out of your day.

2. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

A small child with a loud voice in your face – it’s the only way to wake up.

3. Armageddon

My children’s playroom. Every. Single. Day.

4. Instructions Not Included

Where is the off button?!

5. The Crying Game

Witching Hour? You’re telling me it’s only supposed to last an hour?!

6. Rugrats Go Wild

Restaurant meals are no longer pleasant occasions.

7. Million Dollar Baby

How can something so small empty my bank account so quickly?

8. Toy Story

My lounge room. The bath. The backyard. My car. No place is safe.

messy kids bedroom

9. Groundhog Day

Feed, play, sleep, repeat. Painfully predictable, these days will be on high rotation for the first few weeks.

10. Fight Club

Only children can escalate a game of road trip Eye Spy into a brawl about who owns which car window.

11. Taxi Driver

Welcome to the next 18 years of your life, mums and dads.

12. The Hunger Games

Anyone up for a game of What Will The Kids Actually Eat?

13. Dazed and Confused

Gone are the days of coherent conversations and being able to finish a sentence.

14. Eat, Pray, Love

Some days are just bliss. Pure parenting bliss.

15. All Quiet on the Western Front

After those hectic, beautiful first years, they up and go to school. And it’s just too darn quiet!

16. The Best Years of our Lives


17. P.S. I Love You

Every minute of every hour of every day.

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