Manson, Yugo and Shy: 20 of the most UNUSUAL baby names of 2019

Picking out a name for you baby is important, it’s something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Unless they decide to legally change it when they turn 18!

Some parents choose names that have meaning, others want a moniker that stands out, is different and is unique.

According to Yahoo News, these are the top 20 unusual names of 2019… What one is your favourite?

Mason, Yugo and Shy: 20 of the most UNUSUAL baby names of 2019

10 of the most unusual boys names

  1. Kingmessiah
  2. Cub
  3. Manson
  4. Yugo
  5. Axis
  6. Cletus
  7. Xxayvier
  8. Danger
  9. Stylez
  10. Pinches

Manson, Yugo and Shy: 20 of the most UNUSUAL baby names of 2019

10 of the most unusual girls names

  1. Any
  2. Blaykelee
  3. Mattel
  4. Shy
  5. Sincere
  6. Chardonnay
  7. Khalessi
  8. Pansy
  9. Starlett
  10. Vegas

Manson, Yugo and Shy: 20 of the most UNUSUAL baby names of 2019

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