New trend? 30 unique blended baby names

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New baby name trend! Are you having a baby this year but stuck between two names? Then why not combine them both together to create a unique new name?

This doesn’t work for all names but some sound really cute. (And you might also save a few arguments with your hubby if you combine the two you like together!)

Check out 30 of these blended baby names below…

(WARNING: They’re not to everyone’s liking!)

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15 blended girls names

1. Aulissa

This name is a mixture of Audrey and Melissa.

2. Auralee

Audrey and Leanne combined together makes Auralee.

3. Ezlyn

Ezlyn is a combination of Evelyn and Ezmae.

4. Cleobelle

If you put Cleo and Belle you get Cleobelle.

5. Deanne

A different pronunciation of the name Dianne, by mixing Dee and Anne.

6. Kaya

This name is a mixture of Kayla and Maya and can also be spelt Kaia.

7. Faelle

If you put Faye and Elle you get Faelle.

newborn in pink wrap

8. Gracen

Grace with a ‘n’ on the end.

9. Janeen

Jane and Maureen. A different spelling to the name Janine.

10. Harlyn

Harriet and Lyn together makes Harlyn.

11. Maribell

Maribelle is a mixture of Mary and Belle.

12. Luella

Louise and Ella together makes Luella.

13. Rosabella

While names like Rosalynn (Rose and Lynn) are popular, Rosabella is a bit more unique and a mixture of Rosa and Bella.

14. Raeann

Rae and Ann together make the name Raeann. Sounds pretty similarly to Rhian – who is the founder of The Healthy Mummy!

15. Taralyn

Tara and Lynn make a unique name of Taralyn.

15 blended boys names

1. Benton

Ben and Tony make the name Benton.

Happy Mixed Race Baby Boy Laying on Blanket.

2. Braiden

Mixture of Brandon and Aden. You can also spell this name Brayden.

3. Brecken

Brendan and Kenny together make the unusual name Brecken.

4. Dangelo

Darren and Angelo mixed together make the name Dangelo. This sounds similar to the moniker D’Angelo is an Italian baby name and means angel.

5. Davon

Davon is a cute boy’s name and made up of the names David and Jason.

6. Darold

Daryl and Harold together make Darold.

7. Daeland

If you combine Dale and Andrew together you make the name Daeland or Daelan.

8. Jaelen

Jason and Lenny make the name Jaelen.

9. Keon

For a short and cute name, Keon is a mixture of Ken and Leon.

10. Marshawn

Mark and Shawn make Marshawn together.

11. Laren

Laren is a mixture of the names Larry and Darren.

Close-up of a baby boy (two and a half months old) laying in his crib on a green and white striped sheet looking up. The camera is directly above him. The baby is wearing a blue and white striped short sleeve shirt and has a small smile on his face.

12. Rayon

Ray and Brandon mixed together.

13. Rashaun

Ray and Shaun make Rashaun.

14. Rayleigh

It sounds a bit like Riley. Ray and Leigh together make the name Rayleigh.

15. Tyrus

For an exotic sounding name, how about combining Tyron and Cyrus to make Tyrus?

If these unique blended names aren’t for you then perhaps you’re after a more traditional name? Check out these vintage baby names. Or maybe you are after something with a little more edge? We have just the list for you!

Predicting top baby names of the future

How can you know if the names you choose for your little ones have staying power? We’ve got other tips on predicting the next big baby names besides checking out Nameberry’s list of popular names for girls and boys.

Know the pop culture

Film, TV, music, literature, the royal family, and celebrity babies may hugely influence the next big baby names, so it is crucial to do your research.

Recently, Bridgerton baby names have become a trend that you must watch out for in the coming years. Also, the pop culture phenomena Game of Thrones to Harry Potter to the Marvel franchise have had a significant impact on what parents worldwide are naming their kids.

Check the current trends

Rising baby names are trending for a reason. Unless that reason is due to current pop culture, it often has to do with style and sound.

Name constellations can have a huge impact as well. These are name groups that share a central sound. For example, the “La-La” baby girl names like Lola, Lila, Layla, and Lily. Another example is the famous -Ayden group of baby boy names by superstar Aiden in the early 2000s.

If you’re looking for a popular baby name for the next coming years, be sure to look into trending categories of names in terms of style and sound.

Check out the Australian open government data

The Australian government keeps records of the most popular baby names. You can search the database by year, state, and gender to see which names were most popular when your child was born. The data goes all the way back to the 1900s, so you can even compare your child’s name to those of previous generations.

Although the government doesn’t release the exact number of babies given each name, they provide a ranking of the most popular names.

Look at the baby naming trends in other countries

Sometimes, what’s popular overseas will eventually make its way over here.

So if you’re looking for something popular, checking out baby name lists from other countries can be a good place to start your search.

Look at historical patterns

Believe it or not, history can actually tell us a lot about future baby name trends.

Many of today’s most famous names were also popular 100 years ago—think John, Mary, William, and Elizabeth.

Predicting the next big baby names can feel like an impossible task. However, if you keep current trends, pop culture influences, trends in other countries, and historical patterns in mind, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. And who knows? Maybe your baby girls and baby boys will be the trendsetters for the next generation of babies!

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