This mum shows you how to adapt one meal for the whole family

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‘I just LOVE cooking three different meals to cater for the different tastes of my family’ said NO MUM EVER.

Cat Christ has lost over 30kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and today she shares how she adapts recipes from The Healthy Mummy for her family’s meals.

It means that she is cooking ONE dinner with just a few little tweaks to keep everybody happy (and healthy). We love it! Over to you Cat…

Healthy meals

This mum shows you how to adapt one meal for the whole family

I am a mum of two and have lost over 30kgs using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

My journey began after seeing three digits pop up on the scales for the first time ever. Something had to change and I stumbled across The Healthy Mummy website by a total fluke while googling one night.

I am now 32kgs lighter, and am at my healthiest, fittest and strongest ever.

I teach group fitness classes as one of my jobs – classes like Body Step, Body Pump & Sh’Bam.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges has taught me that healthy eating at home doesn’t have to mean cooking separate meals for you and the rest of the family.

Cat pizza

Healthy swaps with the Healthy Mummy

Choosing meals that your family would normally eat and then finding a Healthy Mummy alternative is a great place to start.

For example, pizza…not many kids don’t like pizza. Did you know the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recipe Hub has 40 results with search word ‘pizza’? Crazy hey!?

There is sure to be one that everyone at your house likes!

I often tweak recipes or sides with our favourite mains to help cater to the majority. When we have pizzas we often have Pitas Pizzas and I cut up a range of toppings – ham, cheese, pineapple, mushrooms, olives, capsicum – (or whatever we have on hand) and I let everyone choose their own toppings.

This way we are all having the same meal, just slightly tweaked to suit all tastes.

When we have something like Cheesy Chicken Meatloaf, Mexican Lasagne or Tuna & Bacon Patties (get the recipe in the Challenge hub), the sides will vary depending on the season or what we feel like but usually either steamed veggies or a salad.


Someone always likes corn but not peas or carrot but not broccoli so I will cook about 3 or 4 veggies and let the kids choose which 2 or 3 they have that night.

I will then load up their plates with their chosen veggies.

For salads, I often cut up a “chunky salad” like a platter for them to create their own. I have found doing little tweaks like that keeps everyone eating the same meal and encourages clean plates all round.

Cat’s Family Faves

Here are some of our family favourites:

1.Healthy Mummy 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough (with toppings)


Try this recipe using just two ingredients for the pizza dough.



Try these classic Beef Burgers which are totally customisable.

3.Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos

This is a great recipe that everyone can make to their own tastes.

4.Cheesy Chicken Meatloaf

Cheesy Chicken Meatloaf

My kids LOVE this one. Get the recipe here.

5.Devilled Sausages

Devilled Sausages

Most kids like sausages, and this recipe is really easy to throw together.

6.Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Great for the cooler weather, this recipe includes a how-to video.

7.Mexican Lasagne

Mexican Lasagne

This recipe is great for a dinner party or a family meal.

8.Beef Nachos

Make Your Own Healthy Take Away

Here’s a quick and easy recipe.

9.Tuna & Bacon Patties

Tuna Bacon Patties

This tasty recipe is available to members of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

10.Breakfast for Dinner


Yep! You read correctly, breakfast for dinner. Using a breakfast recipe with eggs (and bacon) can make a super quick, no fuss, mid-week dinner. Try these baked eggs or a simple frittata.

Plus, if you generally enjoy your Healthy Mummy Smoothie for brekky like I do, you often miss out on the delicious breakfast recipes in the Challenge Hub, so adding them to your dinner plan gives you the best of both worlds.

Thanks for the amazing tips and insight Cat!

More on Cat’s weight loss journey and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Cat Christ has lost 32kgs using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Her amazing weight loss success has let her to become a fitness instructor and she is now passionately helping other mums achieve their goals.

Cat reveals she began her Healthy Mummy journey for her kids. “I never wanted them to be embarrassed by me,” she says.

“I wanted to be able to keep up with them. Now… I am able to do those things and my focus has shifted to achieving things for me, and I’m learning not to feel guilty about putting me as a priority.”

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges have been able to help thousands of women reach their goal weight through healthy, delicious food and exercise programs.


While our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a program designed to help mums lose weight, it also helps educate women about food, healthy eating and lifestyle changes that the whole family can benefit from.

Not to mention, the recipes on our Challenge are designed to be BOTH family-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly… that way everyone wins – Just as Cat has learnt.

You can learn more about our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges here.

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