Grace lost 40kg in 7 months and this is her day on a plate

See how Grace has managed to lose the weight and keep it off with a day on her plate including her favourite Healthy Mummy products and recipes.
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Grace is a 44-year-old mum of 7 kids aged between 27 and 5 years old, so she understands the need to plan especially when it comes to food. She has not only successfully lost 40 kg since starting with the help The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in 2020 but she’s been able to maintain this for 3 years now give or take a few kilos.

See how she has managed to lose the weight and keep it off with a day on a plate including her favourite Healthy Mummy products and recipes.

After losing 40kg in 7 months this mum has maintained the weight for 3 years.

Like all of us, Grace has had successes and some small setbacks but after getting back on track she has continued to thrive!

“I lost 40kg but gained back 5-10kg and have lost weight consistently since getting real with myself again.”

“My goals when I started out were to lose the weight in 5-kilo losses. That way it wasn’t so overwhelming. My big goal was to reach 65 kg. I’m now sitting at 60kg so I surpassed that which is amazing in itself.”

Losing that first 40kg was the biggest hurdle but she’s loved how The Healthy Mummy community has supported her through it all.

“Losing 40kg took 7 months and have been maintaining my weight at 60kg for a while, I’ve been part of The Healthy Mummy community for over 3 years now.”

Grace reveals that the pic on the left was taken 2 years ago at her daughter’s year 7 graduation.

“I was at the biggest I’d ever been and so uncomfortable in my skin. I tried so hard to find something to wear for my daughter’s year 7 graduation and this was the only thing I found that even came close to respectable neat attire for such an occasion. Fast forward to now I fit into her dress!

“I smashed goals I’d set for myself out of the park. Why? Because I chose to put myself first and turn my health completely around. I now am so completely comfortable in my skin and learning to love aspects of myself that I thought were long gone.”

Grace’s turning point

For Grace, the defining moment for wanting to make a change to her physical health was finally facing a mirror. It had a huge impact on her.

She shares, “I never ever looked at myself in the mirror and one day I made myself look and I really didn’t like what I saw and that made me want to change my life.”

 In just 7 short weeks of following the program, Grace had lost 11.9kilos and was already well on her way to achieve her weight loss goals.

She went on to lose 40 kilos and now has maintained that weight loss for over 3 years thanks to The Healthy Mummy.

“I’m in a better mood, in general, do not need to Nana nap throughout the day anymore and I am finding myself more motivated and determined to achieve my goals.”

Along with the obvious physical changes Grace is seeing in the mirror, she’s also experiencing some other unexpected benefits.

I used to get sick quite often and since starting it’s like my immune system has kicked back on to overdrive and I’m loving it”.

“I’m seeing and feeling different every day! My mental health is better than it has ever been and physically I can now jog. It may not be very far but I can and that in its self says a lot to me about my physical health.”

What are some of Grace’s favourite Healthy Mummy products?

“The Healthy Mummy products I use:

What are some of Grace’s favourite Healthy Mummy Recipes?

“My go-to recipes are burgers whether they be chicken, lamb, beef or turkey there quick simple and easy to throw together.

Love slow-cooked meals of the app.”

An example of Grace’s day on a plate for a week

Breakfast: Caffeine fix, Healthy Mummy Smoothie with a half serving of Protein Powder

Morning tea: Chilli pitta chips with corn dip or Florentines

Lunch: Super Choc-nut Supreme Smoothie

Afternoon tea: Apple with Almond butter or Florentines

Dinners: Easy Fried Rice, Beef burgers, Mac and Cheese, One pot spaghetti, Lamb and Halong skewers, Tomato and basil Ravioli and Steak and Greek salad

Evening snack: 4 ingredients Fruitcake and Healthier Apple Pie (try this Healthy Apple Pie Mug Cake recipe)

Grace’s Top Tips for Success

  • Make sure to make your plan simple, that way it’s easier to stay on track consistency will work.
  • Make a routine that works for yourself and your family and apply it everyday, that way it becomes second nature.
  • Be kind to you
  • Listen to that inner voice
  • Consistency is the key
  • Don’t quit stay true to you
  • Believe anything is possible one small change = big changes

“Everyone may stumble that doesn’t mean give up. It was a lesson, learn from it and keep striving for your goals. This last year has been my biggest lesson I’m learning everyday.

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