Baby names inspired by royal families around the world

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With news of the birth of the new royal baby being announced, baby name predictions for the new Prince are going into meltdown as to is the trend of royal baby names.

If you’re pregnant or know someone who is expecting, you may want to jump on this bandwagon!

South African parenting site Parent24 has listed 7 royal families from around the world and the meaning behind their baby names and they’re extremely regal.

The 5 international royal family baby names we love

Keep an open mind, these names get quite interesting with the likes Maseeiso and Zola.

Get baby name inspired and get scrolling!

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Royal family 1: British Royal family

Beatrice (F)

Meaning: She who brings happiness

Origin: Latin

Charles (M) / Charlotte (F) / Caroline (F)

Meaning: Free man / woman

Origin: German

Diana (F)

Meaning: Divine

Origin: Latin

Edward (M)

Meaning: Wealthy guardian

Origin: English

Royal family 2: The Imperial House of Japan

Kako (F)

Meaning: Summer rainbow

Origin: Japanese

Mako (U)

Meaning: Child of truth

Origin: Japanese

Michiko (F)

Meaning: Beauty, wisdom

Origin: Japanese

Toshi (U)

Meaning: Mirror reflection

Origin: Japanese

Royal family 3: House of Moshesh

Karabo (U)

Meaning: Answer

Origin: Sesotho

Letsie (M)

Meaning: Chieftain

Origin: Sesotho

Senate (F)

Meaning: Mother of King Moshoeshoe

Origin: Sesotho

Maseeiso (F)

Meaning: Basotho family name

Origin: Sesotho

Royal family 4: House of Liechtenstein

Alois (M)

Meaning: Famous warrior

Origin: German

Gisela (F)

Meaning: Pledge or hostage

Origin: German

Hans (M)

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: German

William (M)

Meaning: Resolute protection

Origin: German

Royal family 5: The House of Thani

Tamim (M) / Tamimah (F)

Meaning: Perfect, complete

Origin: Arabic

Zara (F)

Meaning: Princess, to blossom

Origin: Hebrew and Arabic

Jassim (M)

Meaning: Strong, powerful

Origin: Arabic

Naylah (F)

Meaning: Winner, lucky

Origin: Arabic

Royal family 6: The House of Bourbon-Anjou

Savannah (F)

Meaning: Flat tropical grassland

Origin: Spanish

Mark (M)

Meaning: Warlike

Origin: Latin

Alfons (M)

Meaning: Noble, ready

Origin: Spanish and Italian

Phillip (M) / Felipe (M)

Meaning: Lover of horses

Origin: Greek

Royal family 7: The House of Zulu

Zola (F)

Meaning: Quiet, tranquil

Origin: Nguni

Buthle (F)

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Nguni

Lomkhosi (U)

Meaning: Of the army


Nandi (F)

Meaning: Sweety, tasty

Origin: Nguni

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