Busy mum of 3 made 330 back-to-school snacks for just $220

Mum of 3 cooks up a storm making 330 serves of Healthy Mummy snacks ready for those hungry tummy's as we head back to school for another year.
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Lara has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm making 330 serves of Healthy Mummy snacks ready for those hungry tummy’s as we head back to school for another year.

It can be one of those annoying tasks we all put off, but trust us, with a bit of meal prep thanks to The Healthy Mummy recipes you can take away that dread and have weeks worth of snacks ready to just grab and toss in the lunch box saving you time and money.

We all hate those supermarket trips to grab endless snacks, they are getting more and more expensive too. With these Healthy Mummy snacks, you are guaranteed to save yourself time and most importantly, money!

About Lara

Lara back to school snacks

Lara is a busy mum of 3 boys from the Mid Coast of NSW who loves to Surf.

Lara says, “I wanted to do a good meal prep to get ready for back to school and also survive the last week of school holidays.

I love the Healthy Mummy recipes and they are so easy to follow and always very budget-conscious. Also, the kids LOVE them! I don’t calorie count for my kids but it’s important to me they are eating good things as much as possible.

I am trying hard to get my grocery bill down. My boys do soccer and surf a lot so the snacks are very popular in my house and it’s hard to keep track of what’s spent.

My goal is to do a cook-up every 2-3 weeks and try and cut down our grocery bill.

Lara made 330 snacks for $220

Lara made 330 snacks ready for the kids lunch boxes and all cost under $1 per serve.

Healthy sausage rolls $0.67
Easy zucchini savoury muffins $0.97
Pumpkin scones $0.27
Coconut, oat & date energy balls $0.61
Apple & cinnamon oat loaf $0.62
Banana, oat & choc chip cookies $0.22
Banana cake $0.44

Lara’s tips

Lara shares her clever tips for making snacks for the kids so you can be sure they will enjoy them!

Pumpkin scones – So the kids enjoy the scones as well, I would add a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup to the recipe, also when eating I cut them in half and add a touch of butter.

Healthy sausage rolls – To help build the kids immune system and fight the back-to-school bugs I add garlic to my sausage rolls. I also like to cut them in halves or thirds to make them more bite-size to cater for my 6-year-old.

Apple & cinnamon oat loaf – If you don’t have apples this would be really yummy made with pears too. Buy seasonal fruits to add to this recipe to suit what your kids prefer so you know they will eat it.

Easy zucchini savoury muffins – Again for that back-to-school immune builder I added garlic to these too. You could also add some spinach or blended veggies to these for some extra vitamins.

Banana, oat & choc chip cookies – The banana choc chip cookies would also be great made into little muesli bars to replace any packaged bars and also save money.

Banana cake – My kids like banana cake with a little bit more spring so next time I might swap out the plain flour for self-raising flour instead.

Try this Healthy Mummy Banana Bread With Secret Ingredients or our Banana chocolate chip cake recipe.

Lara’s storage tips

To save space and use fewer plastic containers, I prefer to use large sandwich bags instead to store the snacks.

All the recipes were really easy to store in large freezer bags. I divided a mix of the banana bread, apple cinnamon loaf, and zucchini muffins into smaller portions (sandwich-size freezer bags) for hubby and the kids when they go for their early morning surfing adventures. Then I do the same for when they are back to school so it’s easy to have a good mix for the boys!

Well done Lara! We loved seeing your back to school snack prep and cannot wait to see what you do next!

Back-to-school snack comparison

We recently compared the prices of back-to-school snacks to save you time and MONEY!  We were not really surprised to discover that Aldi once again came out on top for the best prices. Discover all the snack comparison prices HERE.

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