How to get back on track when your New Year’s resolutions start to crumble

Some of us set our goals for the New Year with the best of intentions but then life gets in the way and the expectation vs reality of our New Year's resolutions sets in. Here’s how to manage your expectations.
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Some of us set our goals for the New Year with the best of intentions but without much success!

Unfortunately who you imagined you were going to be was interrupted by kids, stress, work, illness, relationship or financial issues and all the other obstacles life throws at you.

You’re not alone and it’s ok to fail! Here’s how to manage your expectations.

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How to overcome the expectation vs reality of your New Year’s resolutions

Expectation: I’m going to exercise at least 4 times a week

Reality: You’ve exercised sporadically if any at all

Exercise is often the first resolution to go when life gets in the way. Often replaced by a list of excuses: no time, too tired or you can’t because the kids get in the way.

While this may be the case, accept that you can no longer afford to make excuses as it comes at the cost of your physical health.

Scientific studies have shown that it takes on average 66 days for a new habit to become routine. That’s about two months during which you may or may not see obvious results.

This takes commitment and consistency so try baby steps first. If you’re time poor or have no room in your budget to join a gym, aim for incidental exercise.


When hanging out the laundry or loading the dishwashing, SQUAT in between items! When you’re vacuuming, LUNGE around the house!

Better yet sign up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for access to over 500 workout videos which you can do at home, in-between or during chores. You’re worth it!

Need help? Here’s how to sneak 100 squats into your day!

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Expectation: I’m going to cut out all sugar and processed foods

Reality: You’re tired and haven’t had time to cook dinner so you reach for the chips/chocolate/burger to tide you over

This can be the reality at any time of the year, and no doubt sounds all too familiar.

There are ways to anticipate bad diet choices in moments of weakness. Familiarise yourself with meal prepping.

The Healthy Mummy website has lots of how to’s and advice from our Meal Prep Queens! If you haven’t got the space or time to store meals, try to cook three or four healthy meals and freeze it for when you’re too tired.

Are you on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge yet? There are over 4,500 meals to choose from that are notably delicious and will keep you satisfied.

Expectation: I’m going to start the New Year with a bang and keep to my resolutions!

Reality: You don’t feel as enthusiastic about your goals as when you started

Too much enthusiasm can be a real goal killer and may see you burn out quickly but surely.

Cut yourself some slack, you’ve taken some positive steps in making a change and that’s commendable!

Break your exercise routine up into 10-minute segments two or three times a day. Give yourself permission to indulge in your favourite treats, then move on instead of feeling guilty.

If you are feeling like you’re burning out take a step back and alter your resolutions to make it work for you.

Commit to your lifestyle by having a workout buddy or making a public declaration of your goal – The Healthy Mummy’s Facebook groups are supportive and encouraging places where you can do this, to hold yourself accountable.

Remember actively try to stay consistent, realistic and committed to your health. If you find your expectations for your resolutions are not matching your reality, connect with The Healthy Mummy community for unconditional support and encouragement.

Want more support to make sure you stay on track? Join our community of supportive mums!

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