Meal Prep Queens share top tips and advice for working mums who think it’s all too hard

Our Meal Prep Queens Sascha Farley and Kaitie Pursell know that working mums need to be more careful when budgeting their time.

Working mums may also get a little overwhelmed by the idea of doing a mass meal prep that takes up a whole day so Shascha and Kaitie are sharing their top tips to help working mums beat the overwhelm of meal prep for working mums.

meal prep queens tips working mums

Meal Prep Queens top tips for working mums

Working mums need to be extra time conscious so instead of lengthy big meal preps here are some hot tips to a more simple approach.

meal prep queens tips working mum patties bag

Burger patties are a quick, easy and freezable go-to

Making up burger patties and freezing them ready to be cooked is not only a time saver but helps budget wise as well. The Greek Chicken Burgers and Lamb and Mushroom Burgers from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app are perfect examples.

The whole family can get their hands dirty mixing the Pattie ingredients, popping them in sandwich bags and pulling them out when ready to defrost and cook, that way you only have to account for a few fresh ingredients!

meal prep queens tips working mums pita pizza

Make it fun and a family affair with Pita pizzas

Pita pizzas are an awesome quick and easy dinner idea, everyone can top their own and wack it in the oven! Pita bread freezes really well and often you can top them with whatever you have on hand!

There are over 100 search results for pita pizzas in our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app some great examples are the Proscuitto and Bocconcini and then Spinach and Pesto Pizza.

meal prep queens tips working mums grated veggies

Grate and freeze veggies for later

If you have a spare 10 minutes grating vegetables and freezing them in batches means they are always on hand to throw into things like our One Pot Spaghetti, Easy Zucchini Muffins and the Mexican Lasagna.

Freezing them in zip lock bags not only saves freezer space but also money as its one less thing to buy every week!
meal prep queens tips working mums bubble

Bulk cook breakfast

Bulk cooking simple breakfasts such as the Homemade Toasted Muesli which comes in at under 90cents per serve and takes 20 minutes from start to finish is a great way to save time in the mornings!

The chocolate rice crisps is a great one for the kids and Aussie Toast is an awesome go-to speedy on the spot brekky!

meal prep queens tips working mums extra serves

Make extra serves of everything!

Always making extras serves when you are in the kitchen means your freezer stash is always being replenished, there might be leftover dinner for lunch and if you’re in the kitchen using the oven why not pop some snacks on too!

Some super simple and easy recipes are the Gooey Choc Chip Banana Cake, The Mint Bubble Crunch or a Bliss Balls Batch! The Cookie Dough Bliss Balls are delicious!

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