Ruby, pearl and Jasper: Gemstone names are so in right now

Want a name that shines brightly for your little one? Then how about giving them a gemstone moniker? Check out this list of 26.
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Want a name that shines brightly for your little one? Then how about giving them a gemstone moniker?

Names such a ruby and pearl are popular among older generations from the 1920s to 1940s, but it looks like they are making a comeback.

25 gemstone names for your little one

1. Amber

Amber was considered as the stone of courage in Asian cultures.

2. Amethyst


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This is a purple birthstone for the month of February. Rapper Iggy Izalea was born as Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

3. Beryl

Beryl is the name of a crystal with varying colours, often yellow-green.

4. Bijou

Like a name that sounds exotic? Bijou is the French term for ‘jewel’.

5. Coral

Not exactly a gem, but a precious underwater structure. This name was first used in the Victorian era.

6. Crystal

Crystal derives ultimately from the word krystallos meaning ‘ice’. This name has become popular since the 19th century.

7. Diamond

They are, according to Marilyn Monroe, a “girl’s best friend.” This moniker is becoming increasingly popular among parents.

8. Emerald

This deep green birthstone is believed to strengthen relationships.

9. Esmeralda

This is the Spanish version of the word emerald.

10. Esme

The short form of the word emerald.

11. Hyacinth

It’s commonly known as being a flower name, but it’s also a gemstone that protects against malicious spirits, and nightmares.

12. Jacinth

This is a rare reddish-orange gemstone. The name Jacinta derives from this.

13. Jade

The birthstone for March, which is believed to bring courage and protection. This could be used for boys or girls.

14. Jet

Jet is a black coal that is used for making jewellery.

15. Ocean or Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a gemstone belonging to the quartz family. Either Ocean or Jasper or the name together work well for your son.

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16. Onyx

A precious black gemstone that would work for a boy or a girl.

17. Opal

The birthstone of the month of October. This precious stone is said to bring fortune and luck.

18. Pearl

The birthstone of the month of June has made a big comeback lately in the baby name charts.

19. Quartz

It is a type of mineral, but extremely edgy and different.

The latest trend in baby names is inspired by history

20. Ruby

This July birthstone baby has made it into the top 100 baby name lists in the last few years.

21. Ruri

Ruri is the Japanese name for ‘lapis lazuli’, a precious gemstone.

22. Sapphire

Of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘beautiful, blue jewel, precious jewel’.

23. Soraya

This name means ‘jewel’ in Arabic.

24. Topaz

A rare gold-coloured gemstone name. This would work for a girl or a boy.

25. Ula

A Celtic name, which means ‘gem of the sea.

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