No more crying! These are 20 of the happiest baby names

A name is forever, so when choosing one for your baby it’s actually not as easy as some may think. Your child will identify themselves with this name, be called this name, over 6 million times, and say their name out loud a lot!

Pakmags reported that Psychologist Dr David Holmes claims that what we are called has a direct bearing on our wellbeing.

Holmes put together a report of the most common names of people who are generally ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy.’

“Names are like product brands in having a powerful effect on attitudes and should therefore be chosen with care,” he said.

happy baby

Happiest boy and girl names


  1. Joshua
  2. Jason
  3. Matthew
  4. Terry
  5. Barry
  6. Stan
  7. Ian
  8. Craig
  9. Nigel
  10. Christopher


  1. Judy
  2. Stephanie
  3. Linda
  4. Pam
  5. Pat
  6. Fiona
  7. Paula
  8. Susan
  9. Isobel
  10. Vicky

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