If you liked the TV series Charmed this baby name list is the one for you!

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Some letters just work better than others!

P for example. The end of the alphabet letter brings with it some great names.

Read: the witch sisters from TV series Charmed, Phoebe, Piper and Prue!

Kourtney Kardashian is a fan of the P names, her daughters name is on the list (Penelope) and they simply call her P for short! CUTE.


Check out these 60 baby names that start with P from PopSugar.


  • Padma
  • Paige
  • Paisley
  • Palmer
  • Paloma
  • Pandora
  • Paris
  • Patience
  • Patricia
  • Pearl
  • Pamela
  • Penelope
  • Penny
  • Peony
  • Perri
  • Persephone
  • Persia
  • Peyton
  • Phoebe
  • Pia
  • Piper
  • Pippa
  • Polly
  • Poppy
  • Portia
  • Presley
  • Primrose
  • Priscilla
  • Priya
  • Prudence


  • Pablo
  • Pace
  • Packer
  • Paolo
  • Parker
  • Parrish
  • Parth
  • Pascal
  • Patrick
  • Patton
  • Paul
  • Paxton
  • Payton
  • Pearson
  • Penn
  • Percy
  • Perry
  • Peter
  • Pharell
  • Phillip
  • Phinneas
  • Phoenix
  • Pierce
  • Pierre
  • Porter
  • Powell
  • Preston
  • Price
  • Prince
  • Puck

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